Earth Hour

Are you doing anything for Earth Hour?

I will be reading with my wife using our solar powered lanterns. I won't be checking OZB. What about you?

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    Going to the neighbourhood plaza where the council has arranged entertainment.


    we had a candlelight dinner, followed by spooky stories. The kids loved it. Might become a regular thing saturday thing for us :)


    i didnt have any plans but i fell a sleep during that time :P

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    I dutifully spent the entire hour testing and re-testing all the electrical appliances in my house, to ensure that they are all correctly/safely earthed. I did notice that my irresponsible neighbors appeared not to be doing this though; they appeared to be ignoring "earth hour" completely! In fact, it seemed like they'd all gone to bed early. Sadly, some people evidently do not appreciate the importance of safety, when it comes to electricity :(