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Humble Indie Bundle 14


Pay What You Want ($1 US minimum for Steam keys)

Pixel Piracy - Normally $9.99 US
UnEpic - Normally $12.99 US
Super Splatters - Normally $9.99 US
+2 soundtracks (unEpic Soundtrack, Super Splatters Soundtrack)

Pay More Than Avg (currently $5.92 US)

Outlast - Normally $19.99 US
Torchlight II - Normally $19.99 US
La-Mulana - Normally $14.99 US
More games next Wednesday
+1 soundtrack (Torchlight 2 Soundtrack)

Pay $10 US or more

Shadow Warrior Special Edition - Normally $49.99 US
+1 soundtrack (Shadow Warrior Soundtrack)

Pay $40 US or more

Humble Indie Bundle 14 Travelin' Pack* — Worldwide shipping included, includes HIB 14 t-shirt + all bundle games + embroidered patch + handkerchief — Add shipping detail to download page before May 1st, expected to ship at the end of May.
*Picture is mockup and may not reflect final product

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    Perfect timing for those yet to buy Shadow Warrior, it just received a free DirectX 11 update. Really good game.

    Torchlight is also brilliant and Outlast is a really messed up (in a good, game kinda way) horror game if you're into that.


    Personally thought Shadow Warrior was average but UnEpic was pretty good. And Torchlight 2 is good fun.


    Outlast was damn scary. I don't scare, but was incredibly impressed with the atmosphere and scaryness of this game


    what do you reckon the minimum system would be to run indie games like torchlight 2?

    i don't suppose a j1900(super weak gpu…) would be ok?


      There's a 1.6 GB demo on Steam if you would like to test it out.


      Not sure if it was Torchlight 1 or 2 (or both) but I remember a "laptop" setting which dropped the requirements really low so maybe it would work.


      I played torchlight II on a first gen ultrabook (Asus Zenbook UX21), using integrated graphics…so yes, it should work with dedicated graphics (unless your card is worse than integrated!).

      Might have to turn settings down, but definitely playable.


    If anybody has an extra key for Outlast or is too scared to play it, I would be happy to have it (PM me, please).
    Also, once I get home I am happy to swap a Steam key for Jericho for it (I am not so much into the shooting).

    I am also looking for a spare key for Alan Wake if anybody has one which would be much appreciated (played the American Nightmare bit and liked it). Have some other keys to swap but those of you buying bundles regularly are likely to have those (although there are some which I got from unusual bundles such as WWIII - Black Gold, WWII Panzer Claws 1 and 2, The Showdown Effect, Plain Sight, Rekoil, Takedown, Marlow Briggs, Gunmetal etc.)

    If interested send a PM.


      I never got around to playing the American Nightmare follow-up bit I totally enjoyed the original Alan Wake. Not particularly difficult, but it had loads of atmosphere. I had fun.

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        For sure, so atmospheric.


    If anyone has a spare key for La-Mulana, I'd be keen! Have Torchlight II already and not interested in any of the others, so bundle isn't really worth it for me…

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    140, MirrorMoon EP and Contraption Maker were added.

    Contraption maker spare key: