How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot for Cafe with Term & Condition?

Hi Ozbargainers,

My friend has bought new Cafe. He wants to give customer free wi-fi in cafe. Couple of things he wants are

  1. Log-in page where people sign term & condition of using free wi-fi
  2. Next page shows people some deals

I have done some research couple of hotspot provider I came across.

  • cafescreen
  • facebook wi-fi, which needs special wi-fi router. Cost around $170
  • hotspotsystem. which also need special wi-fi router cost around $100 plus monthly fees of $10.

Can anybody provide me some suggestion or cheaper alternative or easy alternative.

I will appreciate any suggestion you will have.


Happy Ozbargaining.



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    You need at minimum need a specialised device to control access to the internet. That could be a router with custom firmware like DDWRT or OpenWRT, or a whole computer with two ethernet ports. If you DIY you can easily avoid the fees, but you will have to invest your time and effort into setting up and maintaining, or pay someone to set it up for you. The search term you are looking for is "Captive portal".

    Start here and good luck!

    If you are in melb I could potentially offer more assistance with setup…

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    Grab PF sense, it's free!

    Install it on any computer with at least 100MB Lan ethernet.

    You could also do it with a pfSense router and route all wireless traffic out via the captive portal on pfSense.

    Everything you need to know is on the website, read through the documentation.

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    Get a Mikrotik router, they're cheap and have the walled garden feature built in and you can get a decent one for about $100 + extra for ceiling mounted. Ask Duxtel they're the best supplier in AU and should be happy to help.

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    If you are on an iiNet Business Bundle (Internet + Phone), they will supply and install commercial grade equipment for free. Any data your customers usse does not come of your own quota.

    I believe it has the terms pag. As for deals, you could setup a home page that includes the deals you want which is displayed once a person 'accepts' the terms page.

    iiNet Free Wifi >
    iiNet Business Bundles >

    • Wow, that Netcomm HS1200N looks amazing! Except the cost is 10x more than the options mentioned by the OP, and they already said they were looking for cheaper options…

  • To be honest, if you are a cafe, the Facebook option for $170 sounds like a great way to generate extra visibility, but customers might hate it (I know I would).

  • Thanks Guys. You all are the reasons I am at Ozbargain. Let me do some research.

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