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NordVPN: 2-Yr VPN Subscription US $39 (US $35.10 if You Subscribe to Receive Emails)


Seems like a decent VPN offer, NordVPN: 2-Yr VPN Subscription US $39 (US $35.10 if you subscribe to receive emails)

* All data sent through NordVPN’s private tunnels is double encrypted (double data SSL-based 2048-bit ncryption), keeping you anonymous and hiding your information
* Secures any Internet connection: public Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks & more
* Bypass content restrictions and stay anonymous
* Strict no-log policy: your activity is not recorded anywhere
* 43+ worldwide server locations in 25 different countries for online access anywhere
* High speed connections for streaming video and content access
* Easy to use and set up; custom versions for each specific device
* Automatic kill switch shuts down your site as soon as the VPN connection drops, so no data is revealed
* All DNS queries stay secure and protected
* Secret notes that auto-destroy & encrypted chat function
* Connect two devices simultaneously
* No limit on data
* Web proxy extension for Google Chrome

* Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS
* iOS, Android devices
* Router with dd-wrt capabilities or something more exotic (PPTP-enabled), such as Raspberry Pi

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    You can also get an extra 10% off for subscribing

    • I updated deal accordingly.

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    how do they compare to PIA and the other 2 VPN providers that made it to the front page of OZB today?

    • +1
      • VPN Unlimited has zero tolerance for downloading any content which is protected by copyright laws.
      • IbVPN only allows one connection at a time which can be limiting.
      • PIA is decent however its based in USA, meaning the NSA could force them to keep data on it's users.
      • NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama – which is a perfect jurisdiction as they don’t need to keep logs based on their laws.
      • Any idea how they compare for speed? My main concern (rightly or wrongly) in trying to pick a VPN provider is to find a decent quality one that doesn't kill my internet (it's already slow enough). I don't mind paying if it's good value but it's hard to find hard facts as opposed to ambit provider claims. I admit I don't know much on the topic.

        • I believe you can get a 3 day trial if you ask NordVPN via chat.
          But also keep in mind that this offer expires in 3 days.

      • +1

        Thanks, informative response, how do they deal with P2P do you know?

        I am currently with PIA, service wise they are great however since they are the largest I am a bit worried that they would be the prime target of NSA in the US to hand over data/client information or they may already be in bed with the NSA and have given them all their keys

        • +1

          That's my worry too about PIA.
          They do not restrict any BitTorrent or other file-sharing applications on most of their servers.

          According to
          Q. Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you or a 3rd party to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a user of your service? If so, exactly what information do you hold?
          A. No information is being held at all. Everything runs from a RAM and service does not use HDD.

          Q. Under what jurisdictions does your company operate and under what exact circumstances will you share the information you hold with a 3rd party?
          A. We operate under Panama jurisdiction. We are unable to share any information to anyone because we do not keep anything.

          Q. In the event you receive a DMCA takedown notice or European equivalent, how are these handled?
          A. They are ignored because we do not comply with those laws.

  • Does nordvpn allow you to switch between servers?

    • Yes you can switch between servers while still being connected.

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    Also, they are adding several new australian and new zealand servers (4 combined IIRC) that will come out sometime within the next two weeks.

    • Wouldn't the Australian servers be for foreigners as the data retention laws would apply to that server in Australia?

      • With all VPNs you get better speed from servers near you and you can still keep your privacy.
        I personally connect to the Australian Servers by default and only change to other Servers based on my different needs.

        • i dont think you can hide your torrenting activities if you select the server based in aus

        • @stockastics:
          your privacy is protected on all servers including aussie ones. However p2p is not allowed on aussie servers which is similar to other VPNs.
          The server list that allows torrenting: Romania, Iceland, Isle of Man, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa.

        • +1

          @bashar20: cool, thanks mate

        • @bashar20:

          Can you tell me where you get the server list from? I can't seem to find it on their website.
          Also, their(?) agent at whirlpool ( mentioned Japan for P2P.

        • @digitale:
          I just scanned quickly through the available servers in NordVPN software. I might have missed one or two. I will check the list using their iphone app and confirm shortly.
          But simply the servers that you can use p2p on; show a p2p image next to them in their software.
          The was only able to find this on their site:

          Update: The iPhone app doesn't show which ones support p2p. so I can confirm if Japan is included when I get back home.

        • @digitale:
          I can confirm Japan works as a p2p server

        • @digitale:
          I can confirm Japan works as a p2p server

        • @bashar20:

          Thanks for the confirmation.
          Looking at their server list, seems any server under "Standard VPN servers" should be ok for p2p?

        • @digitale:
          It seems they have added a new server in New Zealand. its quite fast and p2p works nicely on it for me. been using it for the last 3 hours.

  • +1

    This is way better than ibVPN deal.. I spoke to nordvpn support and can user data logged

  • all sounded good, OP lists Mac OSX compatible, so bought the 2yr sub

    went through steps, download page, software for OS X (coming soon) , giving link to OpenVPN GUI tunnelblick, looks difficult

    how soon will the Mac software be OP?

    • I am not affiliated with NordVPN, and I don't have a Mac.
      However I highly recommend you chat with NordVPN Support. They are very good and helpful and should guide you setting it up and answer your question.

    • +1

      I just chatted with their support. a dedicated OS X app will be available within 1-2 months tops and they are more than happy to guide you setting up OpenVPN as customer of NordVPN.

      • thanks mate, ill do that

        seems that i got stuck after installing the Tunnelblk, where the custom config files dont want to load

        • Good Luck mate…

  • Using it now, seem to be getting random disconnects within the space of minutes & then it told me that ALL of the servers were down. Had to exit the application & load it up again which seems to have fixed it. Using Windows here.

    Has kill switch but wasn't immediately obvious to me, you need to click on settings>running processes and then click the + icon to add the software

    • If it shows all servers as down its either a firewall blocking the ping / or a refresh issue.
      It happened with me once. but I was still able to connect to the server of my choice by double clicking on it.

  • Thanks OP, I've signed up using your referral code.
    I find it's not as fast as others I've tried but still OK.

    • Try the NZ server. It's very fast for me.
      And Thanks for using my referral link.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, i'll give it a try, used your referral code too.

    Hopefully it's not too long a wait till they release some OSX software.

  • Anyone know how to set this up with an Asus router that has the Merlin firmware?

    • Try contacting their support via chat they might be able to guide you.

  • how many users/pcs is this for? just 1?
    edit: seems like 2 - grabbed a license, cheers.

    • up to 2 simultaneous devices at one time.

  • Can someone let me know how can I pay by say bitcoin? or other types or payments other than CC or Paypal? Also did you use an email you own or just a temp email address?

    • Mate you pay to Gizmag using card, paypal or credits which gives you a Voucher.
      Then you independently use the voucher to redeem your subscription with NordVPN.

      • Awesome, thanks so much :)

      • By the way is there a trick to applying the 10% discount code? I tried two browsers and both came back with "unknown errors". I only signed up this morning so the code is not expired.

        • Personally I never received my 10% code so I ended up checking out with the full price. However I believe many people including my mates used it successfully.

        • +1


          Thanks mate, it worked on the 3rd attempt so not sure what was going on.

    • It appears if you buy from them direct you can use bitcoin:

      • Yes you do. but then you do not benefit from the special price above.

  • Thanks, just got one

    • +1

      Okay I immediately regret this decision, I tried a number of different servers and they're all slow as hell. Pictures load line by line like the dial up days, and torrenting is just not even an option. Going to ask for a refund - this service is crap.

      • Have you tried the NZ server? it works beautifully for me. was downloading in utorrent yesterday at around 500KB/s while browsing the internet.
        I would suggest contacting NordVPN support they are very helpful.

        • yeah the NZ server was about the only one that gave decent speeds in utorrent for me (400-500KB/s)

        • @beaver2233:
          I guess we can ask NordVPN to add more servers in NZ as it works best for us in Australia. So lets start asking them for more servers in NZ :-)

        • @bashar20: well it was working…now i can't even connect to the NZ server :/

        • +1

          @beaver2233: so i tried the South Africa server as mentioned below, wow im getting constant 1-1.2MB/s on utorrent :D

      • I am finding the same thing. Tried a bunch of servers and all slow as dial up. How did you go requesting a refund? who did you ask?

        • I asked. No dice. Stacksocial dont offer refunds and NordVPN wouldnt have a bar of it.

        • Yeah no they wouldn't refund me, they told me to try different servers. Lithuania #1 worked okay for torrenting. Not great but I'm stuck with it now I guess.
          Oh also connect via UDP. Apparently that one is faster and the T one is more stable. Meh @ the whole thing though honestly.

      • Useless VPN. It is so slow, not even good for browsing text-only websites. No matter what site you trying to browse you would have to wait minutes before it loads.

        I put a paypal refund. Will wait and see what happens.

  • How long does it take for them to activate the account? I signed up with social stack code but its been a few hours and my credentials are still not recognised by the VPN client!

    • mine was instant

    • as soon as you buy the deal on gizmag you will receive an email with a code.
      you then go to to create an account where you use the code supplied as the payment method. which will give you a 2 years nordVPN license.

      • Yes I did the same, received the code and registered with NordVPN using the social stack code. However I can login to NrodVPN from my browser but cant get their VPN client to authenticate me.

        • have you tried contacting their support via chat? just scroll to the bottom of nordvpn screen and you should see a chat support window. please report back your findings for the benefit of everyone else?

        • @bashar20:

          Yes I did, that was this morning, support told me to email them with my social stack code and use ID so that they can activate the account manually. I emailed them the details approximately 8 hours ago and still nothing, not even an email acknowledgement to say that they have received my email and they are working on it :(

          Update: had a second chat to support, I suspected it was my password that was causing the issue and I was right. I changed my password and it started working. It seems that their VPN client doesnt handle long or complex passwords so I used a simpler one and it started working. Speeds are pretty average though.

  • So How do I get this 10% code? It would be great if someone can tell me :)

    • +1

      A popup comes up when going to the website. Just enter your email and that's it.

      • +1

        and then you get an email with a voucher code.
        use that code when you purchase and you should get 10% off your purchase.

        • +1

          Quick Question as you're being so helpful Bashar20, should we NOT be torrenting off servers not listed as P2P (at risk of the connection being dropped)?
          Also when the client -previously connected to a server- says IP is now "Pending", does that indicate that my connection has dropped and currently running torrents are doing so through my own connection?

          Cheers mate

        • +1

          In Theory p2p is not supposed to work on non-p2p servers. However I have observed that it does work on some including some of the aussie ones when I checked a few days ago. I assume that they have not yet blocked p2p on the new servers as they have added around 10 new ones recently. I personally have been using the NZ server for everything including p2p and I have added uTorrent to the Kill Switch list, so simply uTorrent is killed when VPN is disconnected.

          As for your connection, as long as the icon is green then you are connected to secure VPN, it doesn't matter if IP shows as pending, I suspect the firewall sometimes blocks some pings so it takes its time to refresh.

          ooh and I have been using UDP instead of TCP for my connection as its faster.

        • +2

          Cheers for the info.

          My personal favourite for speed thus far is south Africa which is p2p approved and basically matches the non vpn speeds of my shitty copper line.

          Also using UDP and regularly hitting up to confirm it's all working as planned :)

        • +2

          @Surge86: oh damn. the NZ server wasn't working which is what i was using before. just tried the south africa server and got 1-1.2MB/s whilst using utorrent :D

  • Signed up for this a few days ago and used it a bit, I have to say that I'm very dissapointed, the speeds are terrible, the server disconnects, and a lot of the time I can't even connect to the server. So far I've only tried the AU servers, Singapore and HK servers.

    • Try the South Africa server. its quite fast. I got around 750KB/s in uTorrent while connected to it.

  • For those of us on the west coast (further from NZ) anyone in WA using/used the Singapore server, any issues?

  • +1

    if people are still considering signing up then my advice is DONT. Browsing speeds are terrible my ping to google is over 1000MS on different servers. I havent tried P2P but I would imagine thats dial up speed if not worse

    I had a PIA connection which worked flawlessly. Their support is pretty crap but their service was great. I was concerned about privacy with PIA since the operate in the US and are the largest VPN provider so they will likely be targeted at some stage by the you know who so I decided to cancel my subscription and try Nord. OMG the service sucks its slow and unusable so buyer be warned.

  • +1

    Guys be aware that Firefox and Chrome is subject to "WebRTC leaks" even when a VPN is used!!!

    WebRTC implement STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for Nat), a protocol that allows to discover the public IP address. To disable it:
    - Mozilla Firefox: Type about:config” in the address bar. Scroll down to “media.peerconnection.enabled”, double click to set it to false.
    - Google Chrome users: No solution exists yet.

  • +1


    After doing very brief research on the VPN I decided to go with NordVPN. The worst mistake I have ever made.

    No matter what server you are connected to the browsing/downloading speeds are terrible.

    After spending good few hours with this stupid thing I regret the decision and thought about a refund. Then I found out that StackSocial do not refund on this which is $53.

    Luckily I paid using paypal, I opened a dispute and got a refund within couple of hours.

    • Couple of hours, that's quick. Did gizmag (stacksocial) agree?

      I put a dispute in this morning. Still awaiting an answer.

      • I sent them an email requesting for a refund. Did not get a reply.

        So I thought I might open a dispute with PayPal. Within few hours I got a full refund :)

        • Oh really? Ill give the refund a go. Thanks :)

  • So what VPN do people recommend?

    • I would be interested in finding that out as well.

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