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[FREE eBooks] Winston Churchill: A Life - Volume I to VIII (Save $80 USD) @ Amazon

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    AoM recently did an article on him, quite a fascinating man and an absolute powerhouse. Thanks for the links !


    hmmm nice, should be a good read over the part where he fail as first sea lord during the first world war than that odd ball car accident :)

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      Yes, much better than that part from 1940 through to 1945.

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      I got all 8 from the AU store? Opened the links above, hit the "go to AU store" on the right and it was free on AU too?


    Great find OP. I have several of these in hardcover from a long, long time ago and can now replace them and complete the set.


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      eBay them away, & you can come out ahead on this deal…

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    Links on Amazon.com.au:

    Book 1

    Book 2

    Book 3

    Book 4

    Book 5

    Book 6

    Book 7

    Book 8


    Mine keeps saying they can't find a kindle app, but I have it installed.
    When I load kindle and and find it through the app it's not there


    THANK YOU!!!

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    I'm curious as to whether these biographies account for his rather racist views? For any who has read them (and I have not) do they?

    Article about some of his veiws:

    I personally don't like it when certain attitudes are glossed over based on him leading Brittania through the dark times.

    Sort of like watching a Hollywood movie based on war…