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Carton of Stella Imported Stubbies $32.99 Free Delivery WA metro @ Liquor Home Delivery


A very nice price for a carton of stella that has been imported, not the rubbish that they brew here. Free delivery for those who live in WA and it will be delivered tomorrow if you place your order soon, I'm not too sure what the cut off time is.

Maximum of 5 per order

I'm pretty sure they offer $10 off for new customers, for orders over $100.

Update: Appears free delivery for WA metro only.

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  • I'm in WA and postage is $14.01 for me. Perhaps you mean free postage in Perth?

  • Imported from where? I get a feeling it ain't Belgium.

    • I think it's Belgium. I'll let you know when it arrives tomorrow. Last carton of peroni i got from them was from Italy, so go figure.

      • they frequently have specials on Imported beer, and all the stuff I have ordered in the past has come from the country of origin.

    • from belgium, mine arrived a couple of hours ago.

      • mine too :)
        Only 330ml, but you get that with euro-beers. Thanks for the post.

  • Most of the Imported Stella here in Melbourne if from the UK. That's what is always at Dan Murphy's anyway. Still better than the locally brewed rubbish though and at that price I wouldn't complain even if it was from the UK.

    • Thing about buying beer imported from Europe is that there's a good chance it will have been around a while by the time it gets to you. Also, it could have been sitting in a shipping container on the deck of a cargo ship in the blazing sun for weeks and weeks and weeks on its way over.

      Your stubbie of Tooheys Extra Dry, on the other hand…

    • Costco sells Belgian Stella - last box was 38.99 a few weeks ago (MEL).

  • Great price…a pity it is only in WA