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[PC] Aftermath MMO $0 USD - FREE until 24th April 2015



From now until April 24th we’re offering you a special multiuse registration key that gives your friends a free account in Aftermath – so even if they do not have an ISS account – they still can play the game with you. This is not a trial or limited account – this key is valid for fully functional account registration.

Aftermath is the spiritual successor to the infamous yet very popular zombie survival game Infestation: Survivor Stories formerly known as WarZ. The development team behind Infestation wanted to create a new experience for Infestation/WarZ players making sure to keep best parts of the game that made it popular, while avoiding controversial decisions and plain stupid mistakes that were previously made.

We do believe that what we’ve got is potentially one of the greatest zombie survival games on the market, and we want to make sure that all Infestation players are be able to try it for themselves. To make this happen we’re making this game FREE to all Infestation players.

1) Download and install game client via the link
2) Launch game and register an account
3) When prompted for serial code at account registration page enter following code: FREE-AFTERMATH-ALPHA

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    • +1

      Sure is. I'm downloading the game now to see what's changed. I'm not going to say no to a FREE account to a new Zombie MMO, regardless of who's made it (or the legacy they've left behind) :P

    • The article says the new game will be free to anyone who played the old game for more than 100 hours or spent $25 with them …. that sounds like a bargain!

  • +1

    I can't say "no" to free.

  • +2

    I have heard very bad things about these guys dev/admin group support staff 'team' but however they do make a very good game albeit really just an alternative to what is already out there on the market (dayz/h1z1/etc)… hmm free is free… it is a very hard decision indeed.. goddamnit.. this game better be somehow somewhat good.. i am gonna pull a leeroy jenkins on this.. let's see and pray and hope this pays off.. :(

    summons oh holy god of free gamers games and asks for the unholiest of holes forgiveness

    • Installed, then uninstalled after a few minutes of playing… It is that bad… Sigh.

      • +1

        sigh garsh god god dammit.. I downloaded it in hopes of it being any good :( I mean it's free! so it's gotta be at least a few hours good or worth my time haha lol.. oh man i am such an atypical cheapass a le cheapo… ozbargainer.. :(

        • +1

          Nope, your just a normal Ozbargainer :P

        • @Xenatos:

          hahaha oh yeah you're right.. haha.. true :D

  • +2

    I noticed the code has alpha in it. Does this mean the game has not reached beta?

    • Correct

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