Best case for MacBook Pro 13

Looking to spend anywhere up to $200

Don't want anything too bulky as I will be keeping it in my backpak for travel mostly.

Online or in store is fine.

Thanks :)


  • $200 for a case? Are you mad?

    Have you checked eBay? I'm sure you'd find a good case for under $30.

    • It's all tax deductible :)

      • You do know that you don't get the whole $200 back, right?

        • +1

          Haha, this. ^

        • Of course but I still need it :)

        • @Heracles26:

          I didn't even know they sold $200 cases lol!

        • @Need a dollar:

          Haha I just put $200 to make sure I got a wide range of options from you guys :)

        • @Heracles26:

          Haha, unless that case is made from diamonds, there is no way I'd justify such a purchase.
          A regular case would do just fine as long as you're not careless, anyway that's my 2 cents. Best of luck!

  • I like this crumpler sleeve for $28. Perfect size for macbook 13".

  • Wow, that is a lot to spend on a case! There are some really nice ones on etsy if you look around, including some hand crafted leather ones towards that price. For me, I went with the thule one at the apple store:

    It's pretty nice, good lining and $60 - mind you, i think that is alot of money for what you're getting. I used the voucher I got with the laptop, so I didn't feel so bad :)

    that's what i have, looks and feels great, real quality leather. a bit pricey tho