Suggestions to Buy The Cheapest Surface 3

Hi All

Planning on buying a Surface 3 in the next few days before an overseas holiday (to claim the GST back of course ;)

As it is only coming out this week and most stores are suggesting they're expecting strong demand, i doubt that there will be any good deals going on it.

I thought i could make my own deal using gift vouchers or similar purchased at a cheaper price.

Anyone aware of a good gift voucher deal or gift with purchase deal? Current front runner is the Westfield vouchers w/ free T2 stuff



  • The RRP might be better overseas, have you checked the price at your holiday destination and also check if you can claim their GST equivalent on your way back to Australia?
    You can get 2 velocity point if you buy from Microsoft store (Velocity membership)

    • I can't claim their local sales tax back on departure from the country. This means Australia + GST claim is marginally cheaper (plus all the local stuff i'd get over an overseas purchase).

  • As far as I can tell the Australian price is quite competitive at least against Singapore and Malaysia. This is before you take into account Australia's GST refund too.

    The only way I can get a price even close to that here in Singapore is if I get a friend to buy for me using student discount. Note that Singapore does not offer GST refunds to people who work in Singapore :(