Cheapest GoPro Hero3+ Silver

Hi all, I am after a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver or better. Cheapest I have found is $370 on eBay. Has anyone found a better price maybe using a voucher code or similar? Would also be open to alternative cameras if anyone has any ideas?




    You might as well go the hero 4 silver, its basically the hero3+ black with an inbuilt screen, and not much more in cost.


      I love my Hero4. I was originally opposed to having the LCD screen (battery life) but have learned to love it and just accept I might have to swap the battery if I do a lot of short clips. Really helps with framing initially and making you really aware of the settings before amassing gigs of meh footage.

      Check gumtree/fleabay for kids hocking off Christmas presents when they realise they really don't do anything worth recording if you are OK with second hand.


        thanks will probably go for the Hero4 Silver once a deal around $400 comes along again!

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    thanks, having researched more the Hero 4 Silver seems like a better bet for $100 more :)


    The Hero 4 is awesome. I have the Hero 4 and the entry level Hero. I reckon you'd either go all out with the Hero 4 or save $200+ and get the Hero.

    Paxton has the entry level GoPro for $179.95.

    The Hero 3 is out of the question at this time.


    $465, aussie stock from a brick and mortar store. if HN can price match it, use the $50 Amex offer, will ends up $415 out of pocket