GTA V Digital $56.25 USD at GMG with code

Found and bought this:


Am too lazy to create "deal post" fit for the standards of the "Deals" section.



Mod: Updated title price from AUD to USD

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    Are you sure its 56aud, cause 25% off 75usd is about 70aud


      It's definitely USD. I just bought thinking it was AUD and ended up being $73.xx

      Listed it on the ozbargain classified ads for $50 if anyone is interested..


    Remember, Rockstar Social Club DRM; not Steam.


      I don't think that's as important anymore ever since they allowed the Steam overlay to be shown even without the steam version.


        You're right. There's some people that like to have their hours/achievements tracked and their digital games in one location. If people are actually interested in tracking their gameplay hours outside of steam, Raptr has that ability built in to their own platform, the only downside to Raptr is that you have to download another client.

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