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Imation 8GB Colour USB2.0 Flash Drive 5 Pack $15 @ Officeworks


Imation 8GB Colour USB2.0 Flash Drive 5 Pack $15
Click & Collect Available

  • USB2.0 connectivity, maximum read speeds of 15 Mb/s and write speeds of 9 Mb/s.
  • 5 USB Flash Drives in different colours
  • Can easily be attached to a keychain or lanyard so you can keep your files handy
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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    For a pack if five this looks like a great deal. But the max speed being 9mbs it's going to take a good while to transfer files.

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      Seems quite a bit faster than my 3 1/2" at 125 kbps - Time to upgrade!

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        more like 20-30kbps, and only if it didnt start making a repetitive clunking noise indicating an error :P

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          125kbps = 15.6 k/s. So yeah, hella slow.

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        I remember all those yuppies at TAFE mocking me with their fancy smancy ZIP drives. Yeah those things were the future…

        RE this deal, good price but I'm struggling to find use for 8GB anymore. 16GB would fit a lot of things I need but 8GB not so much. I still use OS images on 4/8GB but I prefer those to be FAST for obvious reasons.

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          same here, but these 3 dollar ea drives normally has at best 1.5mb / sec write and 10 mb read

          it is more than enough to store the latest Win 10 tech preview build given you dont have to install ten of them in one hour :p



          You know what? Fair point. I'm gonna pick up some :)


          Oh-mannn. Memory lane (pardon the pun). Thanks for the warm memories!

          270MB of 0wnage!! One for games, one for work… another for games. Unlimited HDDs, PnP, and cheap?! My storage addiction started then, and I only just realised it now. Gathering drives I couldn't fill. "But it's so awesome & cheap!"



          Really I was just jealous because I couldn't afford one myself :)

          Cool link btw, I wasn't aware of half of those


    Saw this in OW yesterday arvo. MAD deal. Absolutely assumed it'd be here. I get smoked every time.

    Smoked vs YaSnoozeYaLose LOL.

    Kudos to the dedicated!

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    Got it through ebay officeworks for 2% cashback:

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    Thanks @TRENT86! I picked up a pack today.

    One think to mention, the pack stages "2 Year Limited Warranty" but the Officeworks site states 5 year warranty. Better get a screen capture of their product page in the unlikely event something fails, if you want Officeworks to honour the 5 year warranty.


    At $3 each they're cheaper than blu ray writable discs. You can get a fairly good quality 1080P movie to under 8 gig in size.

    Knock up a custom label, and voila…. a collection

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      I doubt it's fast enough. It'd take about four hours to fill, and reading that all back would take nearly two hours. If the movie is less than two hours and has high-bitrate action scenes these flash drives will balk.


    40 Gig of unformatted storage for $15
    That's cheaper than the samsung EVO SSD's - 256 GiG for $160

    26c per gig

    now, lets find a 32 way USB adaptor :-P


    Plenty of stock (20+) at Officeworks Pitt Street Sydney yesterday (Wed 21/5). I felt a bit stupid for ordering via Ebay and picked up from store, only the 2% Ebay CashRewards give me some comfort.


    I collected mine today; however I did feel their click and collect process was too invasive. They recorded my Name, address, Lic. no and phone number both on their POS and on paper. I was told this was just the new process when I questioned it.