Shipping Items from China

I'm looking at getting some small merchandise items made up for my band, I've found some suppliers that can do what I want on AliBaba and have gotten good quotes from them. When it comes to shipping though, I've found on pretty much every occasion the shipping costs are quite expensive ($120+ AUD for 50 beanies, $150+ AUD for a small box that couldn't be much more than 3kg). We're wanting to sell them cheaply and unfortunately the cost of shipping is blowing out the unit price. Surely there's a cheaper way to get small parcels to Australia? What does everyone else use?


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    Shipping sounds a little high but they will send via FedEx/DHL.

  • What does everyone else use? -> What every Chinese use is their own "packaing service company", which are the retailers of DHL. They negociate a good contract with DHL, and pack everybody's goods into a big case, and distribute them piecemeal in Australia. I know a few companies but they all speak Chinese. cost: 130CNY(21USD) for the first 500g and 26CNY(4.2USD) for the following 500g(s). I will be surprised if these people are not already doing business in English too. If you can't find them on Google (I don't know what English keywords to use), send me a PM, becuase an Australia friend of mine (Caucasian but can do Chinese!) is making an order soon, you can ask him a favor to pack your order together.