Which commerce subject did you major in?

Hi Ozbargain peeps =)

I'm a mature-age student (approaching 30) doing a Arts/Commerce double degree, and I'm hoping to ask you for your expertise.

There are many subjects within the Commerce discipline that interest me, but I can only choose 1 major (and perhaps 1 minor?).

So my question is, how should I choose? What should I choose? Please help.

Which Commerce subject did you major in? And did you work in that industry after graduation? What is your satisfaction level? How easy/difficult is it to enter your industry?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • A law course always looks good.

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    If you don't know what you want to do, you can do the core first year courses. Then pick a few flexible courses from the first year list and hopefully find something you really enjoy.
    I majored in Finance, minor in management. Actually I prefer management (more interesting concepts) but found the marking of essays really harsh. Hence, I decided not to major in it.
    Not working in the industry (about to graduate but didn't bother applying for finance graduate jobs), not interested in Commerce and only finishing the degree for the sake of it.
    I have heard from others that micro/macroeconomics majors are quite useless on their own (probably difficult to get a job?)

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    I think you're going about this the wrong way - normally you should think about where you want to be then pick a course / major, not the other way around. Talk to people who have worked in the industries you're interested in and ask them what they studied / did in extra curricular activities to get there.

    I have a double degree in commerce / arts. If you're set on commerce, I'd recommended picking a hard / technical skill for your major. Mine was accounting and I work in the industry at management level. Never needed to study management at uni to become a manager. Had to work my tail off, make my bosses lives easier and proactively seek work to complete on top of my business as usual tasks,

    Not easy to get into industry, I've seen so many people who have graduated from business and commerce degrees (even masters degrees) applying for AR / AP roles. Degree itself will not get you in, experience is key (consider internships, or paid AR / AP / bookkeeping during degree)

    I don't meet many people who are genuinely passionate about accounting (myself included), plus the supply of candidates is huge and that pushes down wages until you have enough experience under your belt to differentiate yourself.

    Finally, if you're keen on commerce then drop the arts degree, you're already starting later than most and its not really going to help you get a job in the field.

  • Thanks guys!

    I've already finished all the arts units, hence why I'm not too concerned about this part.

    I want to study something that I'm interested in, and because I'm interested in most of the Commerce majors available in the course, I'm finding it difficult to choose.

    I will heed to ElBarato's advice and see how I go with the core units.

    Right now I have a good government job (which I love) working at the APS5 level, and there is scope to move around once I've completed my course. But I also want to explore non-government options, and I'm finding that it is quite hard to meet the minimum requirements for many corporate roles as they require a degree.

    Given that I haven't worked in corporate for a long time, I don't know how much emphasis or weight is given to work experience.

    And thanks Jay re speaking with friends about their roles, I will definitely do that too.

  • I could choose between international business and marketing to graduate with (I satisfied the criteria for both majors but could only graduate with one). I ended up choosing IB, which coming from Adelaide might have been a small error (not many internationals base here) but it has helped in what I've done so far.

    That being said I wish I hadn't done commerce at all.

    • How come you wished you didn't do commerce?

      • Realised too late in my degree it wasn't what I wanted to do. Useful but not a passion.

        • I see. That's why I want to choose a major that I will be interested in, and so far there's too many to choose from!

  • Same here. I have a Bach. of Commerce, majoring in Hospitality. I don't particularly like the hospitality industry though! The pay is crap, the work conditions are poor in many places and it is an industry most non-grads can work in anyway — the degree is not something I would consider essential even if you want to climb the ranks in a hospitality organisation.

    I now want to specialize in finance (thinking of Masters of Financial Planning with UWS),, though I'm unsure as to how the market is in finance sector. I've had rumours that entry level finance jobs are difficult to get into. The other alternative for me is to get into Law, possibly a Juris Doctor, but I don't think I'm smart enough for Law.

    • Same. I thought about doing law before I went with Commerce, but I didn't think I was smart enough for law, nor have the patience and persistence for it.

      I'd love to hear more about the finance market too.

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    Major in Accounting and if there's a second chance, I would definitely go for business information system

    • Why is that? I'm also interested in IS too.

      • Even though I am in my 3rd year, still don't feel like doing accounting subjects - may be it is not practical and not as engaging.
        Took an IS introductory course this year and found that I am absolutely in love with it - don't feel bored and even exited when discussing about the processes, analysing and designing core processes. It was so practical, I am fully aware of what I am doing.
        If you like problem solving, IS is one of those great choices!

        • That sounds like it might suit me! I love problem solving!
          Can you change your major now? Or is it too late?

        • @mishmish: too late i think, probably do a major in BIS after i graduate :)

  • If you are looking to get a major in which will help in getting jobs no.1 is accounting. no.2 finance and the rest don't really help you get a job you would need a degree for. (no 3 is economics but its very fickle)
    For me I find economics and finance interesting but am majoring in accounting because of job prospects (you can also get into finance jobs through accounting but usually not the other way round), and also while id rather econ or finance accounting isn't too boring and i do well in it.

    Of course if you wanting to get a degree and you want something to do something you're passionate in then go for whichever major and if you put enough work in you should be able to achieve in that area.

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