Home and Land Package Airds NSW

Hi All,

We have just bought a home and land package in Airds, New Brook Estate located close to Campbelltown.

Land registration is due in September and have been advised by the company it takes about 8 months from then to build.

I just wanted to get peoples experiences on home & land package deals and if it's usually done on time etc. With house prices soaring it seemed feasible enough to buy in this area also being a new estate. Price was around $550K for people who are interested.



  • It really depends on the builder, his subbies, and weather…

    I bought a place in a similar area that was 99% complete.. I mean, all they had to do was finish off the A/C install, plumb the dishwasher, and install the hot water system. In the 3 months it took for the sale to settle (they delayed settlement 2 times), did any of this get done? No - it got left to the last minute. Which meant it didn't get done on time. Luckily the buyer of my existing place was in good enough humour to accept us pushing settlement off too - but in the end we had to move.

    And yet a colleague who built in the same area had no troubles at all. The builder would have given him a back massage if he asked for it.

    • Thank you for your reply airzone.

      Luckily i have time as i live with my parents so no rush on getting out.

      How long did it take for your project to finish starting from your initial deposit?

  • wow, 550k in Airds eh? Used to be a time that you couldn't give that kind of money out for folks to live there.

    I'll leave the rest of my cynical views on Sydney real estate prices out of this but I do sincerely wish you all the best in Airds - I grew up and went to primary school there, and it's actually got its own natural beauty to it. Make sure you spend some time down the The Woolwash and the Georges river. Even simple things like the views from Kevin Wheatley park across the C'town valley to the Razorbacks are nice.

    • Thank you :) .

      ETA of completion in July/August next year. Apparently that area is selling out fast. Newbrook Estate.