Whats your views and reactions with FIFA crisis and Blatter?

Growing developing stories around the football world on FIFA corruptions and president re election on Friday.

l am a soccer fan just enjoyed a great match Europa final. other hand hearing latest news about FIFA corruptions………

do you think sepp blatter will be peesident again 18th time or Ali prince gets in the punch after this?

do you think the world game will improve eventually after this? e.g. thats is realising qatar 2022world cup venues is built base on slave labours, poor officialling at world cups but relutant to improve etc etc etc……


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    Actually we should do an investigation into all sport. Its heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. and then the sportsman gets fantastic salaries and doesnt have to pay anything back. Maybe a start will be to institute a HECS type scheme for sports scholarships.

    There's money, drugs and everything in sports. As for sportsmanship - sledging ended that.

    It's a business and its corrupt, something we want all our kids to gain from don't we!


    Fifa is HP Slatebook corrupt. Sorry not able to move on yet. :)


    I cannot stand Blatter.


    What's new? FIFA has always been corrupt.

    As is the IOC, or any other organisation where you can pay for a favourable outcome i.e congress.


    more now developing stories….



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    i want to hear everyone's views of….

    "soccer" vs "football"!!!!


    One day I'll give up on sport, sick of being controlled old codgers who use their power for their own self interest and benefits.
    F1, Icc and Fifa all examples of this, and makes sport lose its lustre


    I think it is not just Blatter about this.. the corruption scandals happens before 1998, but he is just the man happy to cover it. my opinion think it could be the similar if anyone step in as president. maybe even worse….