Money transfer to Australia


I would like to transfer around $15,000 from India to Australia.
Any suggestion on best services in the market with good rate and quick and good service. Thanks


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    If you sign up for citibank in India (I assume) you can transfer for free to citibanks here. See here. I assume it works in reverse, ie this infor is for Australia —> Overseas.


      i don't have citibank ac in india.
      Would they open the ac while i am here??


        Sorry not sure on that one. I had to go into a Citibank branch here to open the account, so it might be too much of a PITA to sort it out to save a few $s.


          Didnt even know citibank had branches here. dont have a bank account with them but with credit cards you dont ever have to go into a branch for citibank.


    If you are looking for good reasonable rates try sbi sydney. I guess They charge a flat rate of $10 up to 25k

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    We transfer from UK to Oz using Ozforex. Great rates, no fees over 10k
    I have a bank account in UK and in Oz.
    You transfer money to their bank account in the country it is coming from. They transfer into your Oz account. It takes the time for the transfers to go through the banking system(s)

    Check this out, if they transfer from Oz to India, no doubt it will work the other way (didn't look any deeper).

    Send me your email by pm if you are signing up and we both get a $50 itunes online voucher when you make a trade. I am not affiliated to Ozforex, just a user.


    Safest way is thru SBI. I think you need to have an account with sbi in india. SBI charges abt 1300 INR. + There is a fee charged by your local bank here in australia. Westpac charges $30. You need to provide the local bank swiftcode. bsb and account no. even the address where u hold the account. Takes 2 working days. Hope this helps.


    Take a look at CurrencyFair. Its an exchange between 2 people fully facilitated by site and regulated from Ireland.
    You load in local currency, exchange at available price or place an ordervto wait and trade at better rate.
    Money always in local currency so no bank fees to pay, site charges you $4. Plus rates much better as you trading with person.
    Friend told me few years ago and love it. Money normally her e in Oz within 1 day start to finish


    Try They were cheaper when i send money last year.

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