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Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine $237.15 Pick up or + $15 Delivered from Target


Not as cheap as previous $223.20 Target ebay deal, but still well worth the money.

The $322.15 BES840 is also quite good if you after more control: http://www.target.com.au/p/breville-bes84-infuser-semi-auto-...

Happy brewing!

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  • I would actually go with the BES840 in the bottom link because it has more control and it has the all important pressure gauge.

    You then need a conical burr grinder and the sunbeam one from Target looks good for $84.

    • Having tried both, I would really urge people to get a better grinder like the Breville Smart Grinder (often available for $199). Really makes a big difference.

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        Breville one is much better. It has a timer so the coffee grounds each time used for brewing would be more consistent.

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        I dont have the Breville one but I've been recommended it by a local barista as a great grinder for the money, and that's comparing it to the commercial quality grinders. Have the Sunbeam one and it can go pretty fine but doesn't seem to go coarse enough, even on the max grind setting (really important for alternate brewing methods like french press).

        If you were only going to use it for espresso with a sub $300 machine I'd say the Sunbeam one would be fine but if you like doing aeropress and french press also then the Smart Grinder is probably the go :)

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      I have both the Breville smart grinder and the Sunbeam. The smart grinder looks better and has a timer, but importantly there is a tight seal between the canister and the machine so there is no spillage ever. The Sunbeam is cheaper and slightly easier to clean. Both grinds are comparable. Skip the EM0440 and go for the adjustable EM0480.

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        May be easier to clean, but suffers from static which makes grinds go everywhere. I found the grind far from comparable. The Sunbeam was all over the place, very hard to get it to be consistent, but the Breville is excellent - once you have it set for a bean it keeps giving the same thing.

  • This is still a thermoblock machine, and will not be as good as even a basic single boiler machine… don't be tricked by "dual temp" designed to sound like "dual boiler" which are the top end model features.
    Agree with poster above, the sunbeam grinder is a decent one for the money, though.

    • the issue with single boiler machine is that temperature fluctuates quite a lot unless you do temperature surfing or add a PID controller. It needs a bit more care and skills.

  • Where do my pods go?

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      Into the bin

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    Great buy

  • BES840 sold out