Another Use for Telstra Prepaid Credit

EDIT: Google has terminated this service. Do not attempt to use it as your money may disappear into the ether.


I wanted to let you know about a little service I have put together to help you squeeze a bit more value out of telstra prepaid SIMs. I hope I'm not violating guidelines by posting it here. It's not right for the classifieds section, and I don't want to call it a deal either.. As you might infer from some comments below, some in the community know about this already and are doing their best to downplay the value of services like this one, and keep it to themselves.

There are quite a few tricks we use already, like getting the starter kits at half price, and then using cashback. If you have an android or windows phone you can use the recharge credit on their app stores, which is also pretty handy. And you can use creditme2u to send excess funds to a friend, or buy a plus pack.

That said, it's still easy to run out of useful stuff to do with it, particularly if you're an iPhone user. So I have tried to put together a little web service some of you might like.

The basic idea is this:

  • you SMS me your paypal email address, to 0476785291.
  • I send a confirmation email to that address, and you follow a link in the email, then enter your phone number to confirm it's yours, and you haven't mistyped it. It should only take a few seconds to arrive. If you don't see it, check your spam folder.
  • You start a creditme2u to my number. (#100#, then 1, then 6, then my number, then the amount of up to $10). Alternatively, you can make it super-fast by saving #10016047678529110# to your contacts list [where the 10 means $10].
  • At this point I receive an SMS from telstra telling me you are about to transfer money to me. If everything is working smoothly on my side, you get back an email a few seconds later, confirming everything is good to go.
  • You complete the creditme2u. (press 1 to confirm)
  • A few seconds later I start a paypal funds transfer to your account, of X% of what you sent me. It should take about a minute for the paypal email to arrive.


Before going any further, be clear on this: there is no commercial agreement, there is no onus on me to do anything in response to your sending me some credit. What I describe above is purely hypothetical, and I have no obligation to actually do any of it. Any funds you transfer to me are entirely voluntary and obligation-free, and anything you might receive from me is similarly simply a friendly funds transfer!

What do you think of this idea? I only came up with it recently, and haven't thought about it too hard.

I'll try to anticipate some of your questions:

How much do I get?
To start with, during the testing phase I might donate to you 50% of what you send me. This is not sustainable but as any early users will be more likely to experience 'hiccups', I want to do my best to be fair. This testing phase would run for a couple of weeks.
Later on, once things seem to be running smoothly, this would eventually drop down to 30%.

Why would I do this?
You have excess credit, and I can make some use of it, and I would show you my appreciation.

Is there a limit?
Yes, I can only make use of about $500 of your donations each month. Any excess would be queued. That is one reason for the pre-transfer email, to help ensure you only transfer something if I can use it. If there is a lot of interest I might be able to do something, but I want to test the waters first.

What if I don't see an email straight away?
Probably things are just delayed. But to be on the safe side, you should wait, then try again later.

Can I give it a try?
If you want to help me test this one, PM me and I will give you the test number. I only want a couple of testers at this stage, for your safety and mine.

(edit: added SIM number)

Poll Options

  • 82
    I have no use for this, I have better things to do with my credit
  • 1
    I don't have a paypal account
  • 14
    It sounds too complicated
  • 6
    Maybe I would use this sometimes
  • 10
    I would use this for sure, if it works as described

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  • I think I saw it go through just now.

    Google takes about six hours plus or minus a few hours to process payments, which is usually the main delay. There is a minor manual step too.

    • Have you taken it down? I registered a new number but no email has been received.

  • +4

    You're a [email protected] dude seriously

  • I would be very careful about accepting these deals, but it seems popular.

  • You still doing this? I never received any email.

    • yeah I would like to turn off this service but it still gets too much use. There can be delays with the SMS to email gateway. I just gave it a prod now.

      If you're in a high enough tax bracket and not in a hurry for the cash, consider using telstra's premium SMS service to donate to a charity instead. For each $5 recharge credit you get a $5 tax deduction and the charity gets $5 (apparently). It's better than giving google 30% and me 10%.

      • I got the registration email just then and sent $2 through but haven't received anything yet.

        • I just checked and there's no sign of that transfer, but your registration went through fine. Are you sure you sent to the right number?

          Today is telstra's free download day. I wouldn't expect it to interfere with cm2u but anything is possible.

        • @nicois: Pretty sure. could you check again? I assume you've got my number

  • Too complicated… tell us your postal address and we will all send you a $10 note in the mail.

    • +1

      seriously, I am not doing this to make a profit. It's as a service, mainly for my iphone friends who can't use the credit on the play store. For every $5 you see I see less than $1, and I still have to do the legwork of then using the recharge credit myself.

  • Sent $17 through this now. Works really well.

  • +1

    glad you like it. :-)

  • HI I'm trying to register 3 new services and I've sent the text on one of them but still haven't got the email. If you could please fix it that would be great. Thanks. PM me for email and number if you need it

  • I just tried it too, no email after sending SMS.

  • Yeah there is something funny going on. I will investigate this evening.

  • I use the Rebatr app from the Google Play Store to convert my unwanted Telstra main balance to PayPal credit. They pay you 55% of what you "spend" in app. Very simple and works as per app description.

    NB. They process PayPal payments to you at the end of each week which is slower than some options but the reliability and 55% rebate makes it worth it in my opinion.

  • Have you stopped allowing new numbers?
    Still works fine from my main number but for new sims on the confirmation link first I get
    Wrong verification code
    And after few tries
    Please wait before trying again

    I tried changing paypal email but no luck.

  • Telstra has pulled the pin on this, meaning this service is no longer available. Probably similar services will also stop working in the near future, if they haven't already.

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