Bridemaid Dresses online or outlets

I am searching for good quality bridesmaid dresses, preferable not out of China.


  • We used Udress. Website in USA, dress made in Singapore.

  • Suggest going to places in Wetherill Park, its a tad far but there is a wide selection of places to choose from and prices vary a lot so shop around.

    like the Mr K brand (which is where i got my bridesmaid dresses) which some of the line can also be found in Myers (they currently have sales so if you're lucky can pick one up there). They have plenty of styles and wide variety of colours. I went to Brides in Love in Wetherill Park they are resalers and gave me a discount on my dresses. They have an online site you can view styles from.

  • Bariano, Sheike or Forever New - online and they have shopfronts. Lots of sales on at the moment as well. Really depends on what you're looking for but these stores have a nice range of options. Good luck :)

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