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Bosch Aerotwin Wipers - 15% off All Wiper Blades. Free Shipping over $50


15% off till 30/06/2015 on all wiper Blades. Free shipping over $50
Good wiper blades.

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  • OK , but value wipers, not just for the refill-rubbers but the complete arm-assy. too, are Goodyear Hybrids, multi fit adaptors inc. Made In USA get them at Costco [don't leave the smoked salmon in the trolley though :-)]

    Cost $26 a pair, recommended

    • i have these and they last me around 1 year - they start to deteriate after summer for some reason but still are good to this winter - will definitely change after this winter with new set.

      • Thanks for the heads-up, only day 1 for me today :-)

  • Can any one pls comment on the wiper sold on the site would be suitable for honda civic 2009


  • The 600mm ones are out of stock. :(

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      the BBA600 are back in stock, but it is still cheaper at sparesbox.com.au

      • Thanks for the heads up.

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    Make sure you check out sparesbox.com.au … they have some of the Bosch Aerotwin Wipers.
    Ordered some last week there (I found somewhere a 10$ offer coupon … sorry can't remember where and free shipping over $50).

    • Cheers for that wombat. The 600s were out of stock at Bosch, and with the $10 my 4 wipers were cheaper than the Bosch with discount. Free delivery to boot.

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        Sorry … it was not 10$ … it was 10% … the code was "LAUNCH10"

  • Aren't they cheaper on Amazon? I ordered a bunch few weeks ago from there, saved heaps.

  • i got them from the uk from wiperblades.co.uk they lasted like 1.5 years.. but now they need replacing and a bosch guy told me you have to replace the whole assembly can just get a refill.. going to test it out this weekend.. has anyone refilled their blades?

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