If you could travel anywhere for free and bring back anything, what would it be?

Personally for me, it'd be an Aeron chair from the US since it's so expensive in AU… officeworks chairs are rubbish

What about you?


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    Kentucky , bring me back some gold !.

  • A house.

    • Buckinghuge palace..

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    On Earth
    Free travel: Antarctica
    Bring back: nothing

    The Universe
    Free travel: A space ship going anywhere
    Bring back: an alien like Alf

  • -2

    Bring back anything ? cocaine ?

  • +1

    I would travel back in time and bring myself back = eternal youth + besties

  • Japan, I'd bring those delicious food in my stomach and probably bring STAX SR-009 (just in case people are curious, it's a headphone that's supposed to be one of the best) if I were planning on grabbing them at one point in my life (I doubt I will). I'd save around $3,000 [$5,999 AUD vs 309,800 Yen (approx. $3,250 AUD)] or their infamous sex toys

  • I'd travel to Sweden and bring myself back some snus and djungelvr√•l.

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