Best deal for Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML)? Don't mind grey import or Australian stock, but want decent customer service!

Hey everyone,

I'm after a new mobile phone (need one with a dual SIM for work, plus my screen is smashed!) and thought I would get one before the end of the financial year. I've decided to go with an Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML).

I checked out Static Ice, and the best deals were:

$239.00 - eGlobaL
$259.00 - DWI
$259.00 - Kogan
$283.95 - Techrific
$284.00 - BecexTech

Don't mind getting a grey import (obviously prefer Australian stock, but depends at what price), but I would rather pay more for a place that has a decent track record of good customer service in case something does go wrong. How do I know which of these sites are selling Australian stock (most say 1 year Australian warranty, but I'm thinking they are grey imports anyway)? If I buy a grey import from an Australian website, do I have the same cover under ACCC law?




    There is no Australian stock. Asus hasn't officially released the Zenfone 2 here.


    Ah, it all makes sense! That is why I couldn't find the zenfone on their official store. Any news on when they will release it here?

    If I buy from a place with a 1 year Australian warranty, does that mean I just ship it back to that store if there is a problem? Am I still covered under Australian consumer law?

    Any of those places good with things if they go wrong?