Is this Powerbank any good?

I recently got the 5,000mah powerbank ( I think it was Xiaomi brand for about $10US. It has worked well for the couple of days I've had it.

Then I found this one:

It's supposed to be 20,000mah for about $13-14US. Is this a good deal?


  • I have never used it before however a general rule is that if its too good to be true, it probably is.

    It may not actually be 20000mah and the batteries are probably some generic brands. I personally would just go with a reputable brand as they are more reliable and safe.

    • Ok thanks. Will leave this one be.

      • High capacity Xiaomi powerbanks are pretty kickarse, and they usually hover around $20 bucks delivered. Use cashrewards for even bigger discount.

        I've gone down the route of DIY powerbanks as well — you buy the 18650 batteries (unprotected, flat top types) and the USB enclosure seperately, then create your own powerbank, but it is not as cost effective as buying a Xiaomi. Just stick with what you know works best, especially when it comes to batteries.

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