Green Guys Group VEET Scheme

Hi OzBargain,

My mum got a call from the Green Guys Group and they offered to install LED downlights for free. They told her that they can send down an electrician next week to get it all done. Here's my problem. I haven't heard of the Green Guys Group before and they weren't listed on the Vic Gov website (

I've heard about the government incentive about swapping halogen to LED and saving x% when you do it. A few months ago, I got a quote for LEDified about swapping them over and they quoted me around $300 to get them done. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the Green Guys Group.

tl;dr - Got offered to get LED downlights installed for free from an unknown company. Any feedback about the Green Guys Group?

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    • I've already checked out the website. My problem is that I want to know if people have had prior experience with the Green Guys.

      • I have, they are ok. will try to sell you the upgraded philip led which you need to top up like $3 for non dimmable or $7 for dimmable.

  • I just saw your post and probably you had done it because this post is back in July. Anyway, I just wanna share my experience if anyone else had a same doubt. They are good! Got the offer for replacing my halogens to the Philip leds for $5/each (normally they offered free Primsal leds if not mistaken) with free installation. But I don't think they have this $5 offer anymore. The electrician that they sent to me was really helpful and nice. Did all the check properly and installed every leds nicely. After everything was done, he get me to sign the safety check and speak to someone on the phone to make sure he did the right job. So overall I'm really satisfied and I'm glad I found them because it saved me a lot of money. Because I didn't know about this VEET scheme thing at first when I decided to change all my halogens to leds so I was thinking to buy those leds and install it myself, the same philip leds would have cost me around $15/each. So I will give them a thumb up!

  • they exist i seen their office in alexandria sydney

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