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Buy Any Dozen Doughnuts & Get a Second Glazed Dozen for $1 @ Krispy Kreme [All SA Stores]


Buy a dozen doughnuts from any of Krispy Kreme South Australian stores and get a second dozen of glazed doughnuts for $1.

Store locations:
76 Gouger St, City
James Place, City
563 Port Road, West Croydon
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  • "Offer valid 15th July only at Krispy Kreme stores in SA" — I assume this means the Gouger St and James Place ones too. Got the same e-mail.

    • OP. Show some representative Pricing

      • So, the prices must be HIGH, ie, if no one's Quoting reg.prices.

        I guess I have to assume we have 2 good reasons to give CC's a miss (diabetes risk & prices).

        Next non-sugary Deal, please… ;-)

        PS A 3rd Reason might be their Pavlovian-style Red-Light Sign:
        (Donuts are Free when it's lit. Do u salavate when u see it? ;-)

        • I've always bought the assorted dozen, and it's about $5 more expensive in SA than VIC ($27-$28 as opposed to $22-$23).

          I don't care if I get odd looks on the plane, I still bring back mine from Melbourne.

    • Yep, they confirmed all SA stores on their Facebook page.

  • +6

    Diabetes here I come!

    • app "CBC Radio" has some relavent on-demand content. Eg, a story of a shop-owner, who sent back all of his pop/soda machines. Result: Pop sales drop.

      • He's a chemist & was happy to think that - by no longer selling Pop/Soda - he's made a difference in people's Health. (Folks DIDN'T just go elsewhere to buy sugary drinks!

        • Yeah who knew people just do shit when it's put there in front of them and wouldn't think to do it otherwise.

          Oh wait this is OzBargain the place where people just happen to "need it anyway" when they can get $10 off if they spend $50 :p

      • Pop/Soda???

        • Fizzy (soda-)water + Sugar + some flavor

          Pop in Canada (from which I heard the report, on demand, via app "CBC Radio")

          What do we call Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, etc. in AU?

          Since I SWITCHED to upbeat CBC, it's like living in .CA

          (And, lotsa current event show interviewers are Women,
          who tend to ask Great Q's & show some emotions,
          rather than cutting quickly to next segment…

          Oh, it's Summer Break up there, & some "stand-ins"
          aren't quite the same. But As It Happens & The Current
          can - at other times - be quite good.

          For stand-up COMEDY, try some/much of Laugh Out Loud.

          Does AU's ABC even HAVE stand-up, recorded LIVE…?
          Not like CBC Radio's, IMO)

        • What do we call Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, etc. in AU?

          Soft drink.

        • @IVI:

          So much waffles

  • -1

    But wait, there's more! Buy now and they'll throw in diabetes for free. :)

  • here in WA, we didn't get shit…

    • How about donuts?

    • +2

      Men in WA had (maybe 8 years ago came the report, on ABC RN) the LOWEST rate of Death by Heart Disease… across the Developed World. (Some friends moved to Perth after hearing that report!)

      (Adelaide had LOTSA Heart Disease at that time. sedentary lifestyle?)

  • +2

    So uhh, what's the total cost for 24 bonuts?

    • +2

      X + $1

    • Mmm bonuts

    • +2

      $18 for 1 dozen glazed - so $19 for 2 dozen

  • +3

    The only thing worse than trying to eat 1 dozen KK glazed donuts is trying to eat 2 dozen.
    After saying this, I will still try….

    • +1

      Done it.

      If you are affected by ingesting large amount of short chain carbohydrates aka sugar and refined flour aka doughnuts as 30% of people are to some degree apparently you will experience a brief feeling of warmth and happiness aka serotonin spike followed by a longer period of feeling depressed and inhibited in your ability to feel a "connection" to other people aka serotonin levels drop which will of course cause you to long for more sweet, delicious doughnuts or other sugary sugars to get that er … fix.

      Ooopsies stoned rant lel

  • How much to just lick them?

  • I can confirm this is valid in James Place, SA… So yea… This is SA wide

  • Awww why not in Melb? :(

    • You guys get every other krispy kreme deal. Plus it's their first birthday on Wednesday.

      • Oh, guess I never pay attention then. Never noticed any KK deals like this one.

  • Do I need to present a voucher to get the deal ?

    • +1


      • Thanks

  • I live in Croydon, NSW, sigh
    Got my hopes up

  • Dammit! I want mine! I'm in Sydney

  • Went to Croydon store tonight at around 8:00pm and waited an hour an a half in line on foot in light rain, but was so worth it. Drive-thru was even worse. Cars were snaked all through the back streets of Croydon for a 2-3 kilometers.

    • +3

      Yep- saw the line @ 11:15 chucked a u-turn and drove home. Wouldn't have waited that long if they were free.

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