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Lego 75095 UCS Tie Fighter $239 @ Target


My first time posting but I thought this is a good price for the new 75095 - Lego UCS Tie Fighter. Some of these kits can appreciate in value after they are discontinued; if not opened. $239 is $60 off the Lego shop price for $299 and overseas places seem to be more expensive cause of AUD value and shipping. Should be free shipping cause it is over the $75 free shipping. Target also currently has a TARGETSALE coupon code for 25% off online; not sure if this would work for this item on the 17/7/2015.

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  • I love the "fun" button

  • Damn this is a good price, LEGO store charges 399.99 for this model and while you wouldn't buy from there typically, these models sky rocket in price once they stop selling (which doesn't take long)

    • It's $299.


      $239 is a great price from Target, but Lego [email protected] also gives VIP points which during one of their many double points, makes it $270. I got mine during a promotion where they threw in a polybag Wulf Yularen minifig.

    • Do you think this will increase in value much? IMO its overscaled for a fairly simple vehicle design. The smaller TIE released a few years ago is a nice balance of size and cost (I have 2 and the x-wing at same scale).

      • What's the code on the smaller one?

      • Resale value depends more on the popularity of the franchise and how long the retail run was, moreso than the complexity of a set. The UCS Falcon I believe only has one unique piece (the printed dish); instructions are available online and the pieces can be sourced from Bricklink, but it's still very highly valued. I have every UCS except for Interceptor and RBR and this TIE is a very nice set, I'm sure it'll appreciate in value but less so than older UCS, just because newer Lego sets generally have a longer tail (the 10188 UCS DSII is still available 7 years after its debut).

        • Agreed. I do think the past inflation of the UCS Falcon value has brought a lot of speculators in hoping to profit and that will change the supply/demand balance for future UCS sets. Profits will be lower and slower.

          I bought a UCS Falcon from someone who had built it from parts. At that point the exclusive parts like the dish and the grey antennas and sail rigging were already too expensive to do so myself.

          The scale is perfect on the Falcon as there is so much detail and the mini-figs fit nicely.

          This huge TIE has less appeal to me personally for reasons above. Regardless LEGO Star Wars is great and thumbs up to anyone who adds this to their collection.

  • Getting the missus to order one of these along with the kids Xmas pressies!

    Incidentally, the 25% off ends Wednesday. :(

  • Expect these to be raided by flippers once Target release them for sale. I have heard from some fellow Lego collectors that target has removed some of the Lego off the shelves and will only put these back on the shelves for its "great " toy sale.

    Also, the targetsale code for 25% off is only for clearance items.

  • Does Target have it online? I only can see Ewok Village.

  • Thanks Op.
    Do you reckon we can do a lay-by on this?

  • just got mine :)

  • Got it - thanks OP.

  • …and….its gone

  • Maybe depending in your area

    Im in Sydney and its showing "currently unavailable online" if I check it from the catalogue.

    In fact, the target website does not even show the TIE fighter anymore, only the Ewok village and then the Ghost

    Have to type the product code and this is what I get -