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31% off MJX X600 Hexacopter Drone US $49.97 Delivered @ Lightake


Brief Introduction :

This hexacopter is sleek, fast, acrobatic, and powerful. And most important, it looks bad ass!

For the first MJX multicopter I reviewed, I was positively surprized by the general quality build: a durable mate plastic, with very ergonomic design. This hexacopter is clear an outdoors model. The MJX X600 offers a very good payload capacity ideal to carry a light HD cam (m?bius, runcam HD), you can feel a lot of vertical thrust (thanks to 2S motors). In beginner mode, selected rates offers slow movement so good to learn how to control this machine. From the intermediate mode, the X600 becomes really sporty and fight the wind easily. The control range is also excellent. The expert mode don't bring much more higher rates but more automatic flipping mode, hard to control in any situation. To be perfect, and to extend probably motors's durability, some ball-bearings would have been a better option. Anyway, the MJX X600 is a really good outdoors machine.

This hexacopter with this price ,can not believe !!!
We offer this deal only 4 days ,so take this chance ,and do not lose the dog .

Some videos :

Black Version- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR_Deh-7bKs
White Version- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcRHqA16cDQ

To see more details here:


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  • Can it carry a GoPro?

  • How does it compare with the Syma X5C-1 with camera that is generally available at similar price, but has a camera?

  • It says Built-in Battery? Can it be replaced? Can you provide link for extra batteries?


      Yes can ,and here are some customers use 2 900Mah 7.4V 25C 1100mah 7.4v 25c 7.4v 1300mah 25c

      Hope to help you

  • can i mount a go pro on it?

  • Another 8% off with the code

  • +2 votes

    Is it really free express shipping too?

    Express Shipping (3-7 Working Days,We will send out package by Fedex,UPS,DHL or TNT) $0.00

    • +1 vote

      Yes ,what you see and what we will do


        OK, I have placed an order. I hope it really does arrive in 6-14 days (1-5 days processing, 3-7 days shipping).

  • This is a pretty good price for a nice hexa, I am yet to find anyone complaining about them. $65aud~ and shipped with TNT is great. Remember as above, there is a code for 8% off "SHOWHAPPY".


      I am yet to find anyone complaining about them.

      The X600 gets rave reviews - unfortunately Googling Lightake turns up some scary reports - here's hoping they've got things sorted and we're set for a good experience.

      • True, it seems like a mixed bag of reviews. Some seem really happy and others are really pissed.

        Good luck mate.

      • received mine from them last friday, brand new hexcopter and happy with the purchase.

        lightake was pretty quick to reply my email when I asked them for assistance. will buy from them again… until something happens.

  • Just don't use it within 30m of a residential property or you could get into trouble with the Police. (That is, according to a tech. magazine article, I read.)


      The rules aren't too strict:

      • fly within line-of-sight
      • in controlled airspace, fly under 120m (400 feet) above ground
      • no closer than 30m to vehicles, boats, buildings, or people
      • must not fly over populous areas (e.g. residential houses and backyards; beaches, parks, and sports ovals being used by people)
      • not within 5.5 km of an airfield/airport.
      • Common-sense summary: You must not operate any unmanned aircraft in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, another person, or property.
  • Has any one received shipping notification yet? I ordered one on 18-July and still see no movement.


      My status changed overnight:

      7/21/2015 11:10:09 AM Package Shipped [Tracking # Added: No Tracking Number]

      Here's hoping it has actually been shipped via Fedex, UPS, DHL or TNT express.

    • received mine last Friday with DHL


        Just received mine.

        Delivery time was smack bang in the middle of the 6-14 day estimate, but as there were no tracking events beyond "shipped", the delivery day was a surprise.

        Shipping protection was a plastic shipping envelope. The product box and flimsy thermoformed plastic tray inside was a bit crushed, but the items were undamaged.

        Missing landing gear and rotor guards. #16 should lose their 'QC Passed' sticker privileges.

    • Yep received mine on Friday. Surprisingly fast delivery. Good service Lightake.
      Haven't opened mine yet :)


        Just was out flying, the blue lights are bright enough to kill your night vision (pruned a few shrubs). It was too gusty here to fly today.

  • Ok Lightake, give me the next quadcopter/hexcopter special :)


    Charging with the USB charger, the manual (pg 6) says the charger's red light remains off when charging and turns on when charging is complete. My included charger is the opposite of that. Flashing red when powered but unconnected to the battery, steady red when charging, and off when complete.

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