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3 Pairs of Pussyfoot Socks for $10 + Postage ($6 Flat Rate/E-Parcel) - Free Postage for Orders $40+


On offer is a range of quality Pussyfoot Socks in many shapes and styles,
All Socks are first quality but surplus to requirement,
Pls follow the link to access the deal.

3 pairs for 10$
orders 40$ or more get free postage.

Thankyou and happy bargain hunting.

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Pussyfoot Socks
Pussyfoot Socks

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    Pussyfoot, what a name

  • +2

    Thanks for that striker zebra - Pussyfoot socks have been making and selling socks to Australians for over 30 years - hope we can find a few more happy customers on ozbargains

  • Pussyfoot Socks has long been a producer of socks that cater for those that don't like pressure on there lower legs


    You need a copywriter/proofreader

  • I get :

    Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    • Working on it right now people - apologies for the inconvenience

      • I'm trying to put an order together but…………as above.

        • This is painful!

          I'll abandon the cart soon, I have things to do not spend over an hour on this.

      • Have the IT support guys given you an ETA on when this might be fixed so we can come back later? These look interesting but I just can't see the range. Best of luck with fixing it.

        • -1

          I'm giving up, I've been trying for an hour, just went through Paypal and it went back to: Resource Limit Is Reached

          The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

          Sorry, they may be good socks but………..

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    Pussy, foot and socks. Never thought would see these three words in one sentence in my lifetime. Ah well, today is my lucky day.

  • +2

    The site is extremely slow

  • Our host is looking at it right now - again apologies for the inconvenience.

  • +1

    My husband totally loves these socks. From what I can see, the selection might be a bit too flamboyant for him, but when the site recovers, I'll try to take a look.

    • Get him to live a little, those Argyle ones look spectacular.

  • There are a lot of styles to choose from - from plain colour mercerised cotton to multicoloured patterns so pls be sure to have a good look around.
    All style included will have a "3 for 10$" comment in the style description under each picture.

    • +1

      So, ordering a quantity of one would give me three pairs of socks, provided that the notes said three for $10?

      • Thats correct - thank you for your question - very helpful.

  • Been looking out for some new socks - thanks OP.
    However OZbargainers strike back, site is not really too happy at the moment.

  • Used to buy these socks all the time till they stopped making them in Australia. BTW the site won't load for me

    • Unfortunately being made in Australia does not always mean great quality - in the end we were forced to move our production to more reliable sources.
      I'm sure you will find the quality of our socks is as good if not better than it has ever been.

  • Working on it guys - if we can't get it working in a short period we will post a new one up tomorrow - thanks for the interest

    • +1

      This was one way to stress test your website. Actually I do sympathise; these things do happen in the real world. Believe me I know, I work in IT.

  • Hi Rep - Any deals on the lighter weight wool socks?

    • +1

      There are some wool socks included in the deal corn beef - grab them while you can - we still proudly use Aussie grown merino

      • so there is - thanks

  • +1

    Good to see Pussyfoot Socks reaching a larger crowd!!

    Bought some a few years ago from another deal you put out on a place related to our cars.

    Also can you send me a high-res of your logo so I can print it out and put as a sponsor on the charity rally I did last year which you donated for?

    • Happy to seefu - hows the FJ going?

      can you email us your email at [email protected]

      • +1

        Informative email sent :)

  • Im about to get $40 worth of socks but it's still charging me for shipping?

    Edit: fixed after updating order data

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    Apologies to all - we are having some unexpected issues with the website - we will fix these and re-offer this deal again tomorrow.
    If anyone has placed orders pls do not worry - we stand by our product and our offer 100% - pls email us at [email protected] and we will get your order processed as promised.
    Best Regards
    Pussyfoot Socks MD

  • +2

    Damnit, missed out on buying socks! I was too busy pussyfooting around…

  • This is all fixed now guys so give it a try - plenty of great socks on offer

  • +1

    So if I want the 3 for $10, do I select Quantity 3 or Quantity 1?

    How do I mix colours of the same product, say one of each colour?

  • +1

    Great socks, have just ordered again.

  • Grabbed some of these socks the other day with a DJ's card and have had a comfortable week so far. Buying a stack more with this deal!

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