Is a Real Site or a Scam?

Looking to purchase a Kindle Paperwhite and found this site has them cheap. Is it too cheap? And is it legit?

Checked the companies register but still not sure.

Any help appreciated.

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Techrific Australia


  • It's real. One of those grey import stores.

  • Thanks, didn't want to get burnt. But might avoid anyway.

    What is so different about grey imports?

    • it's from another country usually, HK or something similar.

    • You can get an issue with warranty with grey imports. Companies will say they aren't covered 'cause you didn't get it from an authorised dealer. Not sure of the legality of that, but I tend to avoid them for that reason.

      • That's only if you try to deal with the manufacturer's repair centre here. With grey imports, the shops usually want you to shop back to them and they'll ship back to the original country of the device to be repaired, usually takes a long while.

  • I didn't find it cheap in terms of Kindle PW though.

  • There are few more tigermobile or becextech but i doubt on their reliability and the products itself. Could be refurbished products.


    Techrific is dodgy.

    They do not have an advertised phone number or street address, the only way to communicate with them is via email and a P.O. Box.

    In 2013 VIC Consumer Affairs issued an enforceable undertaking regarding their dodgy warranty practices:

    I can see why some people would give 5 stars for service. If there is nothing wrong with your product the delivery was prompt (although I suspect a number of the five star ratings have been manufactured by the company itself). The BIG problems begin when there is a problem with what you were sent.

    The long version of my experience with them is more or less outlined in my letter of demand that I have included below.

    The short version of my story is this. They sent me a dodgy phone, then after alot of pushing they agreed to send me a replacement (they did not offer to cover my costs of returning the dodgy phone). That phone was also dodgy, so again I returned it at my expense and requested a full refund. I made it very clear that I did not want another dodgy phone sent, all I wanted was a full refund. After weeks and me threatening that I would report them to consumer affairs they finally agreed to refund me.

    Great, right? No. They did process the refund, however, I paid $480, they refunded me only $380.80, with NOTHING to explain the lessor amount! On top of that they refunded me via PayPal and did it in such a way that I was charged the merchant fee of $10.20!

    My response to this was the letter of demand below. I will be launching legal action (if they have not already disappeared back to Indonesia) so if anyone has a similar story please post it on the Facebook community page "Techrific Faulty & Unreliable" , maybe we can take some kind of joint action against them. I don't really care about the money any more, this is a matter of principle and I am sure they are ripping other people off too and I would like to see that stopped.

    If you still think it's a good idea to buy from them…you're a fool but good luck to you.

    —- The long story —-
    This is the letter of demand I recently sent(thanks to the very talented legal practitioner who put this together for me!)…and received absolutely no response to:

    Dear Sirs
    I refer to the my purchase of an iPhone from your website “” on 18 June 2015. The Order ID for the iPhone is 76969. A copy of the electronic invoice dated 18 June 2015 I received for the iPhone, from email address “[email protected]" is attached to this email. The total price of the iPhone, including shipping, was$478.00.

    In late June 2015, I received the iPhone from you (First iPhone). The First iPhone was defective, in that it would not charge and I could not turn it on. After some negotiation, I arranged for the First iPhone to be returned to you (at a cost of $13.25 to me for postage and handling), on the basis that you would supply me with a replacement iPhone. In or about 28 July 2015, I received from you in the mail a replacement iPhone (Second iPhone). Like the First iPhone, the Second iPhone was also defective as the battery would travel from fully charged to exhausted in a space of minutes. Upon taking the Second iPhone to an Apple Genuis Bar, it was confirmed the Second iPhone’s battery was defective and would need to be replaced.

    As neither the First iPhone nor the Second iPhone were of an acceptable quality, I chose to exercise my rights under the Australian Consumer Law by returning the Second iPhone to you (again at a postage cost to me of $13.25) and requesting a refund. After further negotiation, you agreed to provide me with a refund. As to this, you insisted that the refund be made by way of “paypal” despite the fact that I purchased the iPhone by credit card. When I received the refund this week, it was for$380.80,which is $100.00 less than the amount I paid for it. In addition, I had been charged a paypal merchant fee of $10.20.

    As things presently stand, I am $133.90 out of pocket for the purchase of the iPhone, calculated as follows:

    $97.20 [difference in cost of iPhone and refund received] + $10.20 [paypal merchant fee] + ($13.25 x 2) [postage costs for returning the First iPhone and Second iPhone] = $133.90

    By reason of this shortfall, you are presently in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. As to this:

    In selling the iPhone to me, Techrific guaranteed that the iPhone was of acceptable quality, in that it was fit for all purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied and free from defects (s.54, Australian Consumer Law);

    Techrific’s supply of the First iPhone and Second iPhone failed to comply with Techrific’s guarantee in that the goods were not of an acceptable quality. Techrific’s failure was a “major failure” as the goods were, among other things, “substantially unfit for their usual purpose” (s.260, Australian Consumer Law);

    As Techrific’s failure to comply with its guarantee was a “major failure”, I was entitled to (and did) notify Techrific that I rejected the goods (s.259(3), Australian Consumer Law);

    Following my rejection of the iPhone, Techrific became obliged to refund to me “any money … paid for the goods” along with all other consideration I paid for the iPhone, such as postage and merchant fees (s.263(4)(a), Australian Consumer Law).

    Having reviewed the ‘returns policy’ on your website ( you appear to be aware of these matters. I therefore demand that you refund to me the amount $133.90, net of all transaction fees, within 7 days of this email.

    In addition to the matters referred to above, it is apparent that Techrific has committed an offence under the Australian Consumer Law in that it has made false and misleading representations to me that, among other things, the iPhone was of a particular standard, quality and value. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of $1,100,000.00 (s.151, Australian Consumer Law). It is also apparent, having researched your company, that Techrific’s misrepresentations to me were by no means a “one off” occurrence. It is reasonably clear that Techrific routinely misrepresents the quality of the goods it supplies, and refuses to refund customers the full amount of their defective purchases. Techrific’s website also contains numerous, glaring misrepresentations about its products.

    Please be aware that, if Techrific fails to repay me $133.90, net of all transaction fees, within 7 days of this email, I will report Techrific’s conduct to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and recommend that it prosecute Techrific for its no doubt numerous offences under the Australian Consumer Law. I will also commence proceedings against Techrific in the New South Wales Civil and Administration Tribunal to recover all monies owed to me, including my legal costs.

    I look forward to the prompt payment of all monies owed to me by Techrific.


    • So what was the outcome?


    I like that, unfortunately I did not do my home work and see other people experience with this company, they are misleading, dishonest, No service, no communication, false promises, they operate out of Australia, I don't know how they could use au attached the company name. recently I bought Sony camera missing part they send email they said it is on its way after 18 emails they said sorry that is what you bought, they refused to return it back as well.

    • Yep do not buy from them, I got burnt 18 months ago buying a dodgy phone. Never got a refund. Avoid like the plague.

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