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$297 - Asus 15.6" Laptop - F553MA-BING-SX985B Windows 8.1 @ Dick Smith


Just saw this deal on the Dick Smith website.

Seems like a decent price for a Cheap Basic Laptop.


Screen: 15.6" LED Backlit HD Display (1366x768)
Processor: Intel® Quad-Core Pentium® N3530 Processor (2M Cache, 2.16 GHz, up to 2.58 GHz)
Storage: 500GB SATA 5400RPM 2.5' HDD
Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Connection: WiFi 802.11 (b,g,n) / 1 x USB3.0 / 1 x USB2.0 / HDMI / VGA / RJ45 / 3.5mm
Dimensions (WDH): 380 x 258 x 25.3 mm, 2.1 Kg
Warranty: 12 Months
Webcam: VGA Camera (600 x 480)
Extra: Microsoft® Office 2013 Trial

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  • Price…

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  • $297 for anyone intersted

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    It's actually not bad.. perhaps you can use the SUPER15 code for $15 off too

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      Coupon code "SUPER15" is not valid. :(

      • Hmm its 200 uses must be used up then since laptops isn't part of the exclusions

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    JB has it for $296 ha

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    Please keep in mind this is actually an Atom based CPU core so web and video performance will be pretty poor….
    Worth spending a little more somewhere else unless you absolutely cannot.

    • Swap HDD for SDD. It should be enough to surf on the internet.

      • The disk IO speed is not the bottleneck i was referring to.
        I have used Atom based chips from this generation, the graphics and single threaded CPU performance is the issue.
        Cant even scroll web pages in a way i would consider smooth. Think of it as a slightly overclocked tablet processor…

  • Quad-core processor? How does this compare to i3 or i5 ?
    Only interested in Intel (not AMD).

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      It's an Atom. Doesn't compare to i3 at all.

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    David Jones $297 as well, much better customer service than dicksmith


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      David Jones Electronics are fulfilled by Dick Smith.

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        Yeah, but you will receive service and invoice under dj not ds

  • There is going to be a huge influx of budget laptops in September. I am waiting until then and they'll have Windows 10 on them. I want a Windows 10 sticker on my laptop. :p

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      Why in September? (if you know the reason)

      • Skylake CPU will be out then

        • Skylake as well as:

          • Windows 10.

          • Start of school year in the US/EU.

          • IFA Berlin

          Should be a good month

  • Pentium? Ghost from the machine .. :-) .. !!

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    Is this the same one at officeworks? Possible price match?

    • I'd like to know this too

      • Shows as Asus F553MA on the OW website.
        Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't price match due to the Model Numbers being ""Slightly Different""

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    I've got a 20% off discount voucher from ebay. Max discount is $50 off so it bring it down to $247. Worth it or not???

    • Depends whether you need it or not. If it does not suit your purposes, then no. If only using for web browsing and administrative work, then it's okay for that price and will continue to be "good enough" for its purpose for a long time if you put in an SSD.

      • Yeh true. Kinda tossing up between a Chuwi Vi10 and this. Both around the same price.

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          Chuwi cannot expand RAM, so you're stuck with 2GB. Unless you need a tablet, I'd stick with a laptop. The laptop will have a longer usable life. Not to mention decent warranty.

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    FYI if you want to upgrade RAM by yourself is pain as he'll. RAM is located underneath main board. I messed up one screw on WiFi unit and couldn't make it work. It's good laptop.

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    I didnt have time to post this deal in the morning. I bought the same one with eBay 20% from Dick, paid $300+ for kids study.
    Nothing fancy, fast enough, but clog up with 10+ tabs on Firefox.
    otherwise, seems good quality, a bit bigger in size, no DVD Drive, most of them havent.

  • Would this be alright for Uni and facebook?

    and is the Ram expandable?

    • Would be absolutely fine for a uni student.

      As for the ram you would need a 64 bit OS to go over 4gig.

  • Ram is expandable to 8gb of DDR3L but it only has 1 slot afaik.

  • JB dropped it today, saw it on the intranet about 1pm !!! hahaha how funny.

  • would this laptop be OK for occasional Photoshop/Illustrator use?

    • can anyone advise? cheers

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        I have been using Photoshop (and Illustrator) since the Pentium 133 days. I have used it on very slow machines, and in my opinion it is mostly the RAM that holds it back. Unless you are running huge quantities of complex filters, I think this will be fine. You may have to tweak the memory settings, because by default I think Photoshop will "claim" 50% of your available RAM. But if you put 8GB in it, it will be fine.

  • 2.1KG? Wow- that's light for a 15.6. Can anyone confirm? other sites say 2.3kg. Also- I'm keen to price match it at OW.

  • i didnt weigh mine, but it lighter than my HP envy ultrabook 15'6

  • To drop the price to 260 Add some of these http://www.dicksmith.com.au/new-low-price/fujitsu-alkaline-b... to your cart to get it over/at 300, then use the payback code PAYBACK45

    So Tempting

    • Coupon code "PAYBACK45" is not valid.

      What am i doing wrong?

      • hmm yeah not valid.. must've been used up already! :/

        would've been an awesome deal though

        • not used up.. payback45 works on other items.. must be excluded even though it's not in the excluded items lol..

          Excludes Apple, Beats By Dre, Kindle, Chromecast, Nexus Player, UE Boom and Megaboom Products, Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, Prepaid Mobile Phones & Pre-paid Broadband Products, Recharge Vouchers & Calling Cards, iTunes & App Store Gift Cards, Dick Smith Gift Cards, Gaming Consoles, Software & Accessories, and Xbox Live & PSN Cards and selected advertised lines (XC9416).​

          edit: LOL it is actually excluded

          it's the XC9416!

        • @CVonC: Damn that sucks i thought it wasnt excluded as well, ah well

  • Guys and gals!
    ebay.com.au just released a 20% code "CHEERS20" (capped at $50 off) so the official price that you can get this laptop is $247!

    Hope this helps!
    OP might want to update the title~

    • The redemption code can't be used for your purchase
      This redemption code is linked to another eBay account

      • hmm sorry my bad. i saw a banner advertising on ebay.com.au front page not long ago with the promotion code. It could be only appearing on my account then.

    • The redemption code can't be used for your purchase

      This redemption code is linked to another eBay account
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    Went instore best I could get it for was $267.30

    • good deal since it's on the excluded list for the payback45 coupon :)

    • +1

      Which store? Could you please upload your receipt?


  • Shame dicksmith's eBay store don't have Woolworths/BigW pickup… Miss outon the $50 voucher

  • Can anyone who bought it give me an idea of the battery life?

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