Recommend Me a Smart Phone $200 to $400

Hi All,

I am looking to get a new phone. I would like to use it for mainly reading documents, calls/messaging/emails. May have occasional use for movies and games.

I have a few things I am looking for:

-IPS FullHD Screen 5.0-5.5"
-Memory >=2gb
-Takes MicoSD card
-9H glass screen protectors available
-4G network (ideally 700mhz support but not a deal breaker)
-Decent camera
-Able to be rooted and has custom firmwares
-User replaceable battery (ideally)
-Warranty/support in Aus (ideally)
-Android (ideally updateable or flashable to Lollipop)

Any advice is appreciated



  • Looking for same and found Lumia 735 is a good choice.

    • Sorry, should have said I was looking for Android. Have updated the first post

  • nexus or LG g3 i would suggest are better than all for that much price

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      LG G3 is not less then $450 or $500

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        I got the 3GB version of the G3 in the last ebay sale for <$400, so it certainly meets all the criteria.

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          You can buy anything cheaper from ebay. I personally don't buy electronics from online auction/grey market.

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          I'm very happy with my LG G3 3gb model for sub $400.

        • @ozyboy: its really worth it though they are grey but they are covered by warranty

  • What you can get for $200 is vastly different to what you can get for $400.

    Ideally, you should wait until early next week, as Motorola will be announcing the new Moto G, and possibly 2 new Moto X's. Motorola have always been quite competitive when it comes to price. Also, OnePlus will be formally announcing the OnePlus 2, which is also competitive on price.

    • Was looking at Oneplus One which is just over $400 at present(hopefully it will drop with new model being announced) and the Asus Zenfone 2.

  • "Recommend Me a Smart Phone $200 to $400"

    What did your own research and the interwebs tell you?

    • see reply to pernunz, Oneplus One, Asus Zenfone 2. Also a budget option of Lenovo K3 Note.

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    sony xperia Z2 or Z3

  • What did the OP decide on?
    My wife dropped her galaxy s5 in the toilet and it now keeps thinking there is a charger being constantly attached and removed which drains the battery. It will cost $297 to fix from Samsung. Looking at a replacement and there are so many options out there. It is for her work and reading emails are important to her. Any thought on the Xperia M2 Aqua.

  • Lenovo K3 Note. around AU$225 delivered

  • Moto G 3rd Gen.

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