I Need a Will - What Should I Do?


I am single, with no children, some assets and without a will. My mother keeps reminding me that I need to get a will.

So today, I jump onto trusty ozbargain and type 'Will' in the search box. I see there are a few 'Online will kits' and services offering 'Power of Attorney'. I see a few forum posts about will kits, and how the courts struggle to understand some. Some services providing 'cheap' wills, and some providing video recordings and storage of personal messages etc.

I feel like this is way harder than what it's supposed to be. I just want a simple, valid, will.

Is there any benefit to making a will with Slater & Gordon Online, or homebrand 'online will kit'?

I see this website - they provide free safe document storage and free wills. Is this good?

What am I missing? Any information would be appreciated.



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    Wills constructed from 'DIY' will-kits are notoriously unreliable/ easily challenged in court should anyone decide to etc. For your own peace of mind, pay someone a bit of money to get it done properly.

  • A Will from a lawyer will give you peace of mind, but as is said, "Where there's a Will, there's a family fighting over it." Having a valid Will is only a start and the simpler it is, the likely more contestable it is.

    I'm currently helping out a Will defend itself because the solicitor who drew it up omitted something quite important. I feel you definitely need to become informed about the system, grounds of contest, eligible contestors etc and closely work with the lawyer.

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      Bear in mind though, that people squabbling over your will being executed isn't going to be your problem.

  • Get a solicitor to handle it.

    I know this is OzBargain but I can't imagine those DIY will kits are the right thing to do… Otherwise no-one would use a lawyer

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    The Public Trustee for me!

    They can argue with the greedy rellies who say that they should have been left more, and I don't care about the fee, 'cos I'm dead.

    Win, win, win…..

  • Are you a member of a Union? Many Unions retain legal firms like S&G HPL MB etc and provide free wills to members.
    However even those firms will advise you that the free will (a "Standard Will") does not suit some people's situations so paying a little extra for a 1:1 consultation is going to be worth every penny and changes down the track will just be little add ons.

  • Unless your wealth is substantial, what need does a single person with no dependents have for a will really? On your death, if you don't have a will your estate will go to your immediate family. The Government only gets your estate if you have no living relatives.

    So unless you want it to go somewhere other than your family, save your $300 in legal fees. Something to look into when you get married and or have children though.

  • What do you plan to do with it? If you are gonna just give it to a charity contact them, maybe they'd do it for you. Likewise for a relative. "Look I have no children, but if you want it, pay to get a will done up for me" :P


  • Be careful about appointing a solicitor you don't know really well as the trustee though!
    I'd appoint trusted non-beneficiary relatives, or even the main beneficiary's as trustees if necessary. They can always engage a solicitor to do the legwork, but at least then they have some modicum of control.
    Yes, I've been burned by a solicitor who took a year to execute a simple estate, and who had his real estate agent wife collecting the commission on the sale of the property. Charged for every item he could think of.

    • Thanks for the tip