Installing Universal Media Server on Ubuntu 15.04


I'm a newbie on the Media servers and Linux, I'm trying to install UMS on Ubuntu to stream contents to my PS3. Has anyone done this recently as I'm having major difficulty with my installation.

Help would be appreciated.




    What issues are you having?


      I've followed everything from this post, but nothing happens when I put 'service ums start'


        what post?


          @99altezza: Try 'sudo service ums start'

          If it doesn't work post the error message you get.


          @knick007: I get an authentication box which requires me to put in a my password, but after I put in the password, nothing happens. Does ums have a front end gui like PS3 media server on windows. Or does it just run at the backend?


          @99altezza: I've never used UMS so I'm not sure if UMS is the backend and you need to connect to it on your PS3.

          Can you post a screenshot please?


        What do you get when you do this:

        ls -al /etc/init.d/ | grep ums

        it should be something like:

        -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root … ums


          is that a captial I on the first line?


          l for list


          @MrBlank: This is what I get

          -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 21434 Jul 26
          -rw———- 1 root root 4440 Jul 23

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    You are probably asking in the wrong place, type your heading into google: 'Installing Universal Media Server on Ubuntu' In most cases not matter what problems you have it most likely has already been experienced by someone else even if it's a hardware issue.

    BTW if you are new to linux LOL good luck you have a steep learning curve in front of you. There is a reason why MS still dominates, but if you are out to build you own and have a spare computer with reasonable hardware you may want to look at Freenas or NASforfree.



      Tried google numerous times.


    Why not install the Windows version of the server??


      my laptop is a P4, 1.7Ghz with 512 RAM. I was advised using linux would be more efficient.

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    I would suggest FreeNAS as well if you're new to Linux. I'm not new to Linux and it took me a bit of effort to get UMS going although that was when Ubuntu 12.10 was new so a couple of years ago now.

    FreeNAS is built in Linux so it will be just as efficient without the effort to set up.

    If you still want to persist with UMS then again as suggested any issues you're having should have a resolution.

    As for a gui there is a web page from memory but that's available only after you get it running correctly.


    OP plex is also worth a try, it works for both Linux and Windows.
    Also, I would stick to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as it will be offered with security updates etc until 2019. Just to save you having to potentially redo all this work in a year.
    Are you running a GUI?


    No, I'm not sure how to run the gui. When I input 'service ums start' a windows comes up and ask for my password, after I input the password and enter. I can't see any gui. That's why I'm wondering if it's just running at the backend. The next challenge is to get it connected to my PS3 and configuring the ip and all that's.


      Ok i am assuming you download Ubuntu Server 15.04 not Ubuntu Desktop.

      You need to have your server connected to the internet.

      When your machine is booted up, should be a black screen with text. login with your username and password that you set up during the install.

      type (or copy) sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install

      It might ask you if it is ok to install package i.e. y/n select y

      Once it has stopped, type sudo reboot.

      You will then have a light weight gui.

      just type Install lightweight Gnome desktop on Ubuntu Server 14.04 Trusty Tahr into google, youtube video is helpful.
      Freenas or NAS4FREE may work fine, type Freenas install into google it will show you exactly what you need to do.

      Freenas/NAS4FREE loves RAM, since you only have 512MB it may struggle with it but see how it goes.


        Yes, you are right, I have Ubuntu Server 15.04.

        I need to put the following in Terminal right?
        'sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install'

        Then it will provide me with a gui to setup the Media Server with my PS3?

        which then I don't need to do any more sudo code for the configuration????

        I will prob upgrade RAM to 2GB's, I prob won't need NAS coz all I want to do is stream movies, music & pictures.

        Also, you said 14.04 is better. How do I revert my 15.04 back to 14.04?


    Yes to the terminal.

    It will allow you to install, or configure Universal Media Server with less difficulty. I have never used Universal Media Server so i don't understand the specifics. I have used plex which is free and very good.

    Once Universal Media Server is configured your PS3 should be able to access it, without too many issues.

    14.04 is long term support which gets security and other updates for fours years. 15.04 is more cutting edge, with newer features. Often these features eventually make there way into the next new long term support release after they have been trialed and been working well in newer versions of Ubuntu.

    Don't stress if you have already put work into 15.04, just stick with that.

    If you are still struggling, try Zorin 9 lite or Linux Mint XFCE for a light weight versions of linux that are beginner friendly, zorin in particular is for at Windows 7 users coming over to Linux. There are heaps of different flavors of linux, but these two are base on Ubuntu 14.04.

    Also your router or modem can assign your laptop a static ip address, it's not best practice but it works just fine.



      I have installed ' sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install'
      And chose the light weight gui, and then rebooted.

      But how do I open the Gnome gui?


        on reboot it should take you straight to the gnome GUI. It should use the username and password that you used to install it to login.
        Does it take you to the GUI or just back to the terminal?


          It didn't take me to anywhere, I think it just restarted. Nothing appeared, I looked at the application list - nothing was there called Gnome?


    Type Install lightweight Gnome desktop on Ubuntu Server 14.04 Trusty Tahr into google.
    A YouTube video with that heading should appear. Watch that make sure I didn't miss anything.


      I got the Gnome installed, this is a much better look and feel than the 15.04 I installed before.

      But as of configuring the UMS to connect with PS3, do you know how I configure this?
      As UMS is running on the background.


        The short answer is no.

        The long answer is i tried yesterday to get UMS installed on Ubuntu 15.04. It was fairly straight forward mostly, i installed Gnome desktop and Conky to check RAM and CPU usage as i know you needed it to be under 512MB and gPart for a text editor as UMS needs a text editor for a script.

        UMS documentation is based around Ubuntu 12.04 and some of the repositories don't exist anymore. It can be done on 14.04 and 15.04, but only by a quite advanced user with more skill than I.

        Good luck