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28 Black Energy Drink/Sugarfree/Classic - $50.40/Case (24) Delivered (28% off) @ Level Beverages



we have a special in our online store from 28.07 10am until the 29.07 2pm.
Get 28% off your order for Energy drink range 28Black, 28Black Sugarfree and 28Black Classic.
use the promotion code level28.

each case includes 24 cans. the original price is $70 per case. you will get it for 28% less including shipping.


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  • how much poison is in each bottle?


      there is no poison in the cans. we do have the 28Black with sugar and also have the 28Black sugar free with less sugar

      • what is the full of ingredients you use?

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          the main ingredients are for the 28Black Sugarfree: water, ace extract, natural sweeter (stevia), lemon juice concentrate.

          for 28Black thats are Water, sugar, Isomaltulose, Acai extract, lemon juice

  • I actually prefer the taste of 28 black sugar free to any other sugar free energy drink, but at $3 a can at Woolies it's just not worth it, considering you can often get a 4 pack of V for $4.18 or a 4 pack of red bull for $6.

    • or 500mL of Rockstar sugar free for $2.


        thats true, but 28Black is contains Acai and during our promotion you will get it for $2.10 per can and delivered to your house

        • That's still $2.10 for 250mL vs $2 for 500mL of Rockstar, which actually I agree might be the best tasting one of the reasonably priced sugarfree energy drinks.

  • '…28% off today from 10am AEST until 29.06 2pm'.
    Do you want us to travel back in time to get this deal?