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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 1yr License - 50% off Sysadmin Day Deal, Approx AUD $68.10


Devolutions have brought back their Sysadmin Day deal on their excellent Remote Desktop Manager software.

Ideal for those working in IT, Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise is a multi-protocol Management & Administration tool supporting an insane number of connectivity options. There are some great 'team' based features if you buy the Database-driven version, however that is not discounted in this deal which is for a standalone copy. You can indeed place the database file in a synced folder (Dropbox etc) and sync this DB between multiple PC's if required.

The software supports multiple remote access tools such as RDP, VNC, SSH/Telnet, XWindow, Citix, Teamviewer, LogMeIn, Radmin, Apple Remote Desktop and all in a single program. Multiple password manager integration included, including LastPass, Keepass, 1Password and more. There is a limited free version of the software, and if you are using that then this license will unlock it to full functionality.

Not quite as good value as last year due to the dropping AUD - but still saving 50% on current pricing. Deal ends 31/8 however this is a Canadian company so should last well into the 1st of August for us Aussies.

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  • thanks for posting, might try the free version first…
    currently using one from MS:

    • The free RDM is a definite step from the MS RDCman, with a benefit that you can import your RDCman file into it directly.

      The biggest benefit of the paid version for me is the native SSH/Telnet client, i.e. in a tab. You can configure PuTTY to launch as a separate window which will be okay for most I suspect.

      All the virtualisation & cloud stuff comes in the paid version too. If you deal with virtual hosts or AWS/Azure then it makes life a bit easier in some respects. It's not a full console or management client, more like a dashboard of all your VM's. At least, that is what it does with my ESXi hosts.

      The last part of the paid version is all the Password & Authentication integration - LastPass, KeePass etc.

      By all means, try the free version & you might want to upgrade next year. Cheap enough and you can claim it on tax if you work in IT.

    • I was using the one from MS before but this has won me over - I've been wanting something that can also allow a quick logon to ILO/DRAC if the server isn't responding which this one does, plus allows you to manage more than just Windows servers.

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