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20% off Storewide Rushfaster: Laptop, Bags, Everyday Carry Items, MBP Vertical Dock $148, Headphone Stands $25


Just came across this Aussie website after searching for a Henge Dock for my Macbook Pro Retina!

Seems that they also have a 20% storewide discount on things that aren't already discounted by more than 20%.

Things include: Laptop & Camera Bags, Backpacks (Herschel Supply Co), Desk Organisers, Phone cables/chargers/cases, Headphone/Laptop Stands etc.

Most items have free shipping (otherwise ~$5) & Paypal is available.

Henge Dock for MBP Retina $147.99 (Was $175)

Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand White/Black $23.96 (Was $29.95)

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  • headphone stand for $20?

    just google banana stand daiso

    • Hahaha, thats a great bargain!

      I suppose this stand is targeting those (myself included) that desire a more premium look, to compliment our awesome looking headphones!

      I've been looking for such a stand that comes under $30 so I happily included it with my post :)

  • +1 vote
    1. add $25 bag to cart with free shipping
    2. use coupon code and save $5
    3. free shipping is disabled
    4. add shipping which is $5
    5. price is back up to $25 which is what it original was


    • Yeah, it caught me by surprise as well. You can only pick one or the other which makes their code isn't that special.

    • Ah, Rushfaster's shipping system is indeed out of wack!

      As Harkoliar mentioned, this discount is probably better value when you purchase multiple items :)

  • It's good deal if you buy multiple items for shipping.

    If you want bags like Herschel, its better going to surfstich where they currently have 30% off on top of their discounted price. ( ends tonight) plus free shipping over $50

    But you do have less variety than rushfaster.

    For crumpler however rushfaster has still some decent deals and on old prices as well.

    Dry red 2 -$65 , new crumpler price $125
    Dry red 7 - $105 , crumpler website $160
    Leaked memorandum stowaway - $53, crumpler website $110 (its a fancy squid)

    Plus shipping, and coupon above won't work.


  • Good deal on some Crumpler products. I was looking at the Crumpler Embarrassment last time there was a Rushfaster sale, but it was excluded from the coupon code. This time it's part of the sale, nice find!