Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Borrowed a Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick off of a mate to see if it was any good (joystick and throttle). I now really want one - but haven't seen it for a bargain price anywhere ever… was hoping I could use the ebay 20% deal last time it came up but none of the participating retailers had it or sold it.

I'm not wanting to argue the merits of this over other joystick options - it's love were talking about here.

I was kind of hoping some one might have a way to get discounts or vouchers for a stockist (PC Case Gear??) to help alleviate the normally high price or suggest a cheap retailer or good time to buy - I'm willing to wait a bit - if say a known distributor has a regular sale date ie Black Friday that's too far away?.


  • how much do they go for? i have the older model, hotas cougar, paid over 400 2nd hand. these things hold value very well.

  • Best price I have seen is $570 on ebay from and AU seller.