Cost of Doing an Online Course (Cert IV I Bookkeeping)

How does one compare the course contents and cost between all providers?


  • Check out the course code. For example we offer the Certificate IV in WHS - the code is BSB41415. You can always made sure the course is the latest course via google - For example google the course code and select the result, which is usually in the top 3. This will tell you the name of the course, if it is current, and what the core units are and the possible electives are.

    The only variables are what electives are offered, and also what training resources the provider uses.

    For example (FNS40211 - Certificate IV in Bookkeeping - SUPERCEEDED) (FNS40215 - Certificate IV in Bookkeeping - CURRENT)

    The last 2 digits of the course code usually relate to the year it was released.

  • One would go to each of the offering online colleges and obtain a course outline from the Information & Enrolment Teams.
    One would then collate the costs for the course charged by each of the providers.
    Finally, one would then compare the course contents and cost between all providers.

  • Does sound like it is inexpensive?

    Only $1490 for the Full Course (OR $1390 if you can RPL 6 or more units)!

    • Who is that course with??

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        inspire education

  • Did you end up deciding on a course?
    How much did it cost?

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      Not yet.

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