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$20 off Eukanuba Dog Food 12kg or Larger Bag at Jumbo Pets (e.g. $72.99 for Labrador Retriever)


Was looking for resupply for the family mutt, and came across this. For Labrador food I paid $72.99 per bag - every other store was $90+. Plus they have flat rate shipping of $6.95.

"While stocks last", so I haven't put an end date.

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Jumbo Pets

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    $20 off Eukanuba Dog Food

    Eukanuba is full of fillers…

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      The dog likes it, and he's healthy and lean. He didn't like Royal Canin, and supermarket brands give him the runs.

      Regardless, it's a good price compared to normal.


        Try Black Hawk


          Thanks jv

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          @brazen00: what about Enduro? no fillers and the offer is extended for a Free dog bed with purchase. https://www.jumbopets.com/Enduro-Complete.html

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          @ JV:

          Eukanuba is actually one of the best dried foods out there JV. It's not like that Hills Science crap (which IS filler).
          Main ingredient in Euka is actual meat… and its how its listed thats important.

          "Dried Chicken & Turkey" (in Euka) is completely different to "Dried Chicken and Turkey Meal" (listed in many other dried foods). One is actual meat, one is animal parts grinded down. Hills actually have cereals and rice as their main ingredient!

          Your Black Hawk lists "Chicken Meal" as main ingredient. Not good man. It's gotta say the meat name without the "meal" as the first ingredient.

          I'm still amazed how much of a rort Hills Science Diet are. They are allowed to go into vet school and "teach" vets on how good their crap is, and then 'sponsor' vets by having their products in Vets Australia wide.

          The best food to give your dog is real meat and left overs that WE eat (their evolution came from eating our leftovers!).

          But in terms of dried food (convenience for humans), Euka is one of the best to buy your dogs. It's not cheap, but is MUCH better than all of the crap you can buy from Coles/Woolies, and craps over Hills products.

          Happy to discuss further, as I've read up quite a bit on dog foods and what's best for them. I have a very trusted vet who also happily admits Hills (and other filler foods) are actually BAD for your dogs. They are designed to have your dog "poo cleanly". ie easy stools to clean off the lawn that dont smell.

          And dont get me started on canned 'wet' foods. My god.

          Supplement food for your dogs guys! Dried food and some left overs is perfect for your dogs. Just no cooked bones (they splinter and can hurt your dogs).

          Those interested in further reading go here ——-> http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/about/


    Enduro is cheap anyonr used?


    Thanks OP, I just bought 4 bags of the 15kg Adult Medium Breed!!!

    Under $90 delivered is the cheapest I've seen in a LONG TIME!


    @ufo what about enduro mentioned above?


    update on the Enduro for those interested its going great. Dog loves it , and his coat remains nice and shiny. We are coming off Eukanuba so this is a massive saving for us. The dog bed was a great bonus but I do believe its now over. Delivery was the next business day Sydney local! I will be sticking with these guys now, AAA service, price, quality.