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Cookbook: River Cottage Veg Every Day! Kindle Edition $1.36


For me this book is about getting us all to eat better food. In Hugh's words:

This is a vegetable cookbook. Whether or not it's a vegetarian cookbook depends perhaps on your point of view, and your food politics. It's not written by a vegetarian, or with the intention of persuading you or anyone else to become a vegetarian. But in the sense that not one of the recipes here contains a scrap of meat or fish, then it is indeed quite strictly vegetarian.

I own the print version of this book and it's good enough that at this price I bought the Kindle version as well. Comparing the two it looks like all the recipes are there and it is formatted well in the Kindle reader apps.

AU Store $1.36

US Store $1

And imagine how much money you could save not buying meat!

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    Regular price is $10.90 for the amazon AU version.


    US link is showing product not available for me? Signed in with my US account which I use for all Kindle purchases


      Tried it on Chrome incognito and it looks like without an AU account "This title is not currently available for purchase". They may be doing that thing where it's available in AU before US, but for now I'll update the post to say AU only.

      Sorry :)

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    I just bought it from the US store.

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