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$38 Chivas Regal 700ml 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky @ First Choice Liquor


Ordinarily $52. reduced to $38.

Detail Product Information
Brand Name Chivas Regal
Liquor Style Blended Whisky
Size 700mL
Age 12 Year Old
Country Scotland
Standard Drinks 22
Alcohol By Volume 40.0%

Remember 5% cashrewards or DM price beat.

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  • Chivas and Dimple makes me miss Scotch.

  • Will there be a price war with Dan Murphys like last time where you could hit refresh and every few minutes the price would drop anther $1?

    • With Kraken Dan only beat the price by $0.20 :(

    • You would be lucky they drop the price by 50c.

      I went to DM recently to get a 1L bottle of kahlua. 1st choice was selling for $35 and DM for $40. They drop the price by a whooping 50c for me and reduce their web price by 10c.

  • Coming up as $52 for me…maybe not valid in QLD??

    • +6

      read the first line of the post….

      • Lol

      • Too quick on the "go to deal" button ;-)
        I stocked up with a laphroaig Select Cask on the weekend. Can one have too much whisky?

        • +2

          With 7 bottles open at home, the answer is an emphatic NO from me. I probably do have a hoarding problem, however…

        • price on laphroaig Select Cask ? can never have too much

    • Starts tomorrow.

  • Love a good Chivas.

  • how long it will last if you put inside the draw?

  • you'll never lose money investing in scotch

  • +3

    expect dans price to be $37.99

    • +1

      Nobody beats Dan's…. frugality.

  • It's this available in store/do they have click and collect?

  • +9

    Plus one for First Choice dropping this price. Dan's use to be the Price Leader and now they just wait for another store to take the initiative and reduce the price by a few cents.

    Perhaps this behaviour changed when they were taken over by woolies.

    Regardless, I always support the store that put on the special in the first place and not Dan's for beating it.

    • +1

      Totally agree!

    • lolwut they were taken over by woolies in 2001. Not sure if serious.

    • First choice are more expensive on any item thats not on sale, guarantee it.

    • "Regardless, I always support the store that put on the special in the first place and not Dan's for beating it"…. well said! .1st choice should be given credit for bringing the price down in the first place….

    • +1

      Well, you lots saying that you should support 1st choice but no +vote…

      • -2

        That supports the poster, not 1st choice. Personally I only ever upvote a deal when I have the good or service in my hands.

        • -1

          Your are right and wrong. While the vote itself make the poster feel like their effort is appreciated, it also indirectly support the vendor. The more +vote a deal have the more likely people will click on it and in turn more people would make a purchase. The purpose of a + vote is to tell people that you think it is a good deal, not "you like the poster so you give a + vote". If you think the store is doing a good deal, there is no reason not to + vote it.

        • -1

          @highdealer: And you are? Get off your high horse buddy.

        • +1

          @Gav: same to you good sir.

  • FYI - Just in Costco yesterday and Chivas is $37.95 everyday of the week. STFU Dan's

  • Its a shame that I see low DM prices only when some other competitor has low price. This sort of make them keep the prices high unless someone else lowers it.

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