[INFOGRAPHIC] The Price of a Beer at Every AFL Stadium

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Last month, Vinepair made a great infographic about the cost of beer in MLB stadiums. The results were quite interesting with two of the major cities in the U.S. taking out the cheapest (Los Angeles) and most expensive (Boston) in the US.

So we reached out to every stadium where AFL is played 1 and queried the price of their cheapest non-light beer.

With the AFL finals only weeks away, you may be considering attending a game. If you are thinking of grabbing a couple beers at the game, you might want to think again. For those in Cairns who only get to see 1 AFL game a year at Cazaly stadium, they pay $5 for a 375ml cup, the lowest price in the country for their beer.

On the other side of the country, Domain Stadium charges $8 for the same size beer making it the most expensive AFL venue in Australia to get beer.

The average cost across all stadiums per 100ml of beer is $1.74. Considering a Carlton Draught 375ml stubby costs $3.39 at Dan Murphy's or $.90 per 100ml, you may want to drink before the footy.


  1. Adelaide Oval: Matt O. via email.
    ANZ Stadium: Nicole C. via email.
    Aurora: Toni G. via email.
    Blundstone: via phone.
    Cazaly: Bar Manager via phone.
    Domain: Reception via email.
    Etihad: Via website.
    Gabba: Tina D. via email.
    Manuka: Jen S. via email.
    MCG: Via Twitter.
    Metricon: Via phone.
    SCG: Nadia I. via email.
    Simonds: Sandra Z. via email.
    Spotless: Brad S. via email.
    Suncorp: Via website.
    TIO Stadium: AFLNT via phone.
    Traeger: AFLNT via phone.
    Graphic Sources:

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  • Beauty, cheers for that!

  • While I appreciate the graphic and the work that has gone into it - I don't think its correct.
    Unless I am going blind your top table lists Domain and Adelaide as having the same size beers - with Adelaide more expensive. But your bottom table shows Domain as more expensive per 100mls.
    Now, my math skills are pretty rusty but can that be correct?

    • Sorry. I think there is an error in the spreadsheet. I'll fix.

      • All fixed. The prices were right. The labels were incorrect.

        Domain is 330ML
        Adelaide is 425ML

  • At domain they only serve mid strength as well

    • Yep, some stadiums only serve mid so for comparison it's the cheapest mid or full strength beer.

  • edit: chart fixed

    • Yes, fixed in V2.

  • +1

    Wow good effort. Can't afford beer though. It's too expensive.

    Isn't Suncorp stadium only for soccer/rugby?

    • Yes, rugby & soccer. I was going from this Wikipedia list however not sure how Suncorp snuck in. Oh well, there's a point of reference for the NRL.

      I probably should have given this infographic to someone to double check.

      • I can't see Suncorp or Lang Park mentioned anywhere in that Wiki article. Not even in any of the edits over the past few months…

        • Yeah, that's why I wasn't sure. :) I honestly have no idea how that got in there.

        • @neil: All good I've made far worse mistakes in my time. :)

  • Good work at putting this together. Would be really interested in other Australian related infographics in the future.

  • Which is why you need to smuggle it in… Just don't be as ambitious as this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMcrk-7QEiw

  • I wonder what brand of beer is served at the various stadiums ?

    Does it really matter or is it a deal breaker.

    I remember someone saying due to the cost of just a mid strength beer, it was better value having a bourbon & cola.

    Perhaps Neil could go out on a drink fact finding mission.

    • Ha. Sure.

      It's mostly Carlton Draught as the cheapest.

      Looking at my notes: Aurora, MCG, Metricon, The Gabba, Etihad, Cazaly and Spotless serve Carlton. ANZ is XXXX Gold. Not sure about the rest as getting any answers from the stadiums was like pulling teeth.

      Unfortunately, I don't see myself going to any AFL games any time soon, the way the Blues are going. :(

  • Good research. Can see a newspaper borrowing it for an article.
    Alcohol is priced differently in each state though.
    SA has the population and can/glass deposit.
    Some stadiums might use higher prices as a deterrent to drink at the football.
    Aurora is an interesting one. I think it's so cheap for a Carlton as you cannot get a Boags there so their trying to switch locals onto intestate beers.

  • Related.
    Port runs a "Game Day Village" right next door to Adelaide Oval at the tennis courts with $5 beers and cheaper food.
    The inner OzBargainer in me denies me buying any food from Adelaide Oval (Chips $5.2, 600ml anydrink $5.5) so this place is perfect.
    The Adelaide Oval SMA were reportedly pushing for the GDV to be shut down due to their claims of drunken people entering their gates and becoming thier responsibility. Their solution? Open a similar area in a more prominent location with staff wearing Port tees.
    So tip go any fans coming over, it's easy enough to get to at the breaks and you're all very welcomed.

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