McDonald's Loose Change Menu - $2 Chicken & Mayo Discontinued

OK may sound silly but I started going back to McDonalds because of the Loose Change menu - the Chicken Mayo burger was a great, fast meal - and for $2 awesome.

Went to my local Maccas last week & asked for the Chicken Mayo however they told me it was discontinued :( they said that the $3 Chicken Cheese is the next best thing (and that the chicken is bigger).

First of all the Chicken Cheese is just wrong. Cheese and mayo? Yuk, it didn't taste right :/ Chicken Mayo and Lettuce makes more sense.

Tell me it wasn't just me who liked this burger :( lol

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    Well.. I now have no reason to go to maccas after 10:30am… :'(

    • How 'bout All-Day Brekky?

  • It's advertised on their "winter" loose change menu (or was as of last Thursday when I last checked). I know it is now officially Spring so not sure if they'll bring out a "Spring" loose change menu now.
    My local Maccas (Morley Galleria, WA) still were selling the Chicken & Mayo burger for $2 last Thursday night.
    I love the Chicken & Mayo burger too. Also I have a dairy intolerance and it is dairy free so I'll be disappointed if it is discontinued.

  • Wtf!!! That's really sad.. there goes my favourite $1.90 snack (5% cashback)

    Having said that, I recall back in the day they had a different $2 loose change Chicken Burger, replaced it with something similar to the $3 Chicken and Cheese one that you mentioned, and then brought back the Chicken & Mayo.. so maybe it's a cycle?

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    Chicken Cheese is just wrong.

    Are you serious? Chicken and cheese is such a common combination.

    • It's not the chicken and cheese, its the cheese with mayo. :(

  • Could you ask them to swap the cheese for lettuce? Or are McDonalds jerks about swapping stuff in burgers?

    Part of me would love to ask them to charge you a dollar less cos lettuce is cheaper than cheese, too, but that probably wouldn't go down too well :P

    • Hey that might be worth a try! :)

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    I miss $1 small fries.

  • Chicken & Mayo is still available in Sydney, I bought 2 at the airport on Thursday night and also noticed it was for sale somewhere in the CBD. I haven't checked in WA but as per comment above it's still available at Morley.

    It could be the fact that some stores still have patties left and they are continuing to sell them until it's all gone then removing it from the menu.

    The Chicken & Cheese burger uses the exact same patty that goes into a McChicken, that's why it's bigger.

  • The chicken and cheese is 1000000x better anyway

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