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Hill all,

My daughter is doing some voluntary work in Laos during the Uni break in January. She will start on the 4/01/2016 and finish on the 14/02/2016. We are looking for your help to find some reasonably priced travel arrangement. I had a brief look and best is around 1400 A$ via Singapore and Vietnam but it will take three days due to bad connection times. Thank you all for your help.


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    There should be something a lot cheaper.

    Have a look on expedia or thai airways. Get to Bangkok and then get Laos Airlines to Laos or take a bus to Vientiane. I had a look and qantas have tickets for $1010 to bangkok and surely there would be a budget carrier cheaper. Airasia return from GC to bangkok is about $760. The road trip is pretty good - would be a good experience!

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    AirAsia to Bangkok. Thai Airways to Vientiane.

    I've flown Lao Airlines from South Korea to Vientiane before and can vouch for their new aircraft and pilots (on long-haul flights).

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    That time of year is going to be expensive/expensive. If she doesn't mind a few extra days I'd just fly AirAsia from Gold Coast, although it looks like she'd have to leave on the 1st to be there by the 4th(with a night in KL on the way there) for $930 plus bags. From Brisbane if she wanted to stay in Laos to the 16th it's $1,447 through with a night in Bangkok on the way over 03/01-16/01.

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    $677.33 return on AirAsia from OOL to VTE if she departs two days later on 6 January. Here is the proof:

    You probably want to add bags/food to this fare.

    Here is a direct link to book:

    Alternatively Thai Airways is coming up as $1400 AUD return from BNE with just one stop in BKK.

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    Thank you all,

    The best deal is to go on the 01 Jan with sleepover in KL and next day to Laos. All up including hotel at KL 1150 A$. AirAsia from GC.

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      Yeah, it sounded like maybe she hadn't travelled alone much and it's an easy journey on AirAsia. Just remember to add bags when booking and might be worthwhile to check if her travel insurance includes re-booking due to cancellations or delays to make the tour/volunteering(for insurance purposes we'll call it a tour!) as if the first flight is cancelled she may not make it on time without booking a flight on another airline for what I imagine would cost a lot more.

      If you haven't booked the hotel already as it's a very early flight in the morning I'd recommend staying at Tune Hotel in klia2. It's owned by same company as AirAsia and just a short stroll to the check-in counter and only $50AUD for the night. It's simple but clean!

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