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Online Maths Tutoring at $19 for 4 Maths Modules (Save $81)


We provide:

  • Online Maths Tutoring for Students Entering Secondary Colleges
  • Online math units teaching students on Problem Solving Maths Concepts, Techniques and Practice
  • Comprehensive online assistance and quick response to students queries on maths
  • Progress tracking and notification to parents/guardians
  • On-Paper markings by real tutors for students maths workings

We offer:

  • $19 for the first 4 maths units of Year 7 for 3 months subscription (SAVE $81),
  • $99 for the Full Year 7 Course of 16 maths units for 12 months subscription (SAVE $301)

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    Online Maths Tutoring at $19 for 4 Maths Modules

    So a real person will 'tutor' the student through these modules ???


    real person tutoring is provided in the form of markings on workings submitted by students for some advanced modules. The online tutoring is supported in the form of email for questions posted by students


    Seems a bit useless when something like Khan Academy provides the same service free of charge.


    Hey I think it's interesting. Are you writing to the NSW syllabus?

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