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Bose QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones $298.99 Delivered @ Boombeats


Seems like a good price. Not sure about the legitimacy of the website though.

They also have in stock :

Bose QC25 for Android Devices $289.95
Bose Q21i for Apple Devices $279.96
Bose Q21 for Android Devices $268.99
Bose Q15 $249.95

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    How much are they normally ?

  • I have qc25. It's the KING of Active Noise Cancelling, but sound quality is average.

    • Yep, I agree. Bought it at the airport when it was 340, noise cancelling was fantastic. However the sound quality was shocking - as $300+ pair of headphones go. Immediately sold it when I got back from my holidays.

      Be aware: there is a lot of sound leakage with this set, on a plane its fine cause its noisy anyways.

      Also, was not expecting that weird "pressure" you get in your ears when the noise cancelling turns on - having never tried NC before.

      • could you please elaborate? You would not recommend to buy a NC headphone? I m thinking to buy one if it does wonder! Otherwise, i will just spend on something with good sound quality.

        • I recommend that you go to a Bose store and try it out. Headphones is tricky to recommend because everyone is different. My father in law has these and loves them. Mind you, he is not fussy about sound quality. Also, bose has a 21 day guarantee - if you dont like it you can return it. But it has to be bought in a bose store.

          From my own opinion: If you travel heaps for work and you are constantly on a plane and you've ever only had apple stock headphones - Id say go for it.

          If you are not in an airplane once a week and appreciate sound quality… I wouldnt recommend it

    • The bass is lacking, but the sound quality isn't that bad. I use these everyday and can't recommend them highly enough.

  • gah I couldn't find an Android one so got an Apple one the last time it was posted.

  • Googling 'boombeats' gives a few interesting results, including a Whirlpool post claiming that Bose Australia have had multiple counterfeit claims.

    Their 'About Us' page says they're at the Brickworks Centre at 107 Ferry Road in Southport, QLD, but there's no record of them on the Brickworks website, which seems up to date. They're also not listed as a Bose authorised dealer.

    I'd recommend trying to get Officeworks to price match.

  • Many of the prices are very suspicious, e.g. Eytmotic ER4 for $70. The product catalog includes many widely-faked models yet other models are strangely absent. Reports of shady emails on Whirlpool.

  • They are all grey imports with possible warranty coverage issues. I was looking at the Turtle Beach 800s from here as they're about $100 cheaper. Not worth the risk.

  • Do not buy from boombeats, they are fraudulent and will hold your money for a week then tell you they run out of stock and try to scam you by replacing your product with an inferior(but more expensive on their website) product.

    This is speaking from personal experience when trying to buy these HD 700:


    By they way those normally cost $699 and so that was an amazing price, unsurprisingly they still list it as in stock despite telling me they ran out of stock and never offering for me to wait until get stock nor did the website at any time update the website to say out of stock.

    Edit: Although to be fair, I can confirm they did eventually give me a refund but they just held my money for around 2-3 weeks.

    • did you end up getting the 700's elsewhere? Also in the market for them…

      • Nope I would not pay $699 for them, they are not worth that much IMO. Max I would do would probably be $550 maybe $599 but I have yet to find a pair that cheap.

        • I feel the same… I have seen $675 a couple of times, and am thinking of getting them soon as the dropping AUD is not helping…

        • @Son ofa Zombie: If it helps minidisc offered to sell me the HD 700 for $680, just send them an email if you are interested they usually reply to emails really quickly.

    • I bought these as they had paypal as a payment option - Free returns etc.

      However after reading all the comments i just decided to request a refund instead and i received it 1.5 hours after emailing them.

      • Wow lucky that you got a refund so quickly, it took them 2-3 days to respond to my first email. I also took the plunge because they offered paypal so I had that to fall back on but at least they did eventually refund me.

        It is hard to find a good deal on headphones because they aren't as popular as some other hobbies and hence don't get as many bargains which is what really convinced me to buy the HD 700 at first.

        • Yeah i decided to post in case your refund was just a "one off"

          I think ill try price match them instead somewhere.

        • @Selka: I tried to price match at addicted to audio(Sydney) but they said they could not do it that low and even straight up said boombeats are a scam anyway because they never fulfilled their order similar to my situation and thus would not price match them.

      • I requested a refund also after reading the comments. Refunded within 2 hours with no issues.

  • Yeah, the price that people are mentioning does look suspicious, I wouldn't buy from them.

  • The shop seems genuine, but the price is so low probably they had only a few in stock. I did pay for one, but they refunded my paypal transfer immediately. Not appear to be a scam, but not a genuine offer.

  • I was able to price-match this at Officeworks and get them for $285. They don't price-match this product in-store so I had to call 1300 OFFICE and give them the website name. They looked it up (the price, whether it is in stock etc) and approved the price-match. I was able to place an order on the phone on Thu night and received it on Monday. Great deal, I've never seen these headphones so cheap before. In true OzB style, I'll also claim the gst on these, I'm travelling internationally soon

  • I also was able to price match this at officeworks and get them for $284.04. The same as itirkarp said this product cannot price match in store so had to call 1300 Office and give them the website name. Goodluck guys.

  • Just confirming itirkarp and mkmz84's comment, I just called officeworks and getting same day delivery (free) for $284.04!!! Bargin., :)

  • Thanks Officeworks!! And thanks OzBargain! Just ordered for $284.04 also. One Christmas present sorted.