Where to Go Portland or Warrnmbool for Holidays XMAS

Hi Guys

Just planning the holidays on xmas time. Thinking of going to Portland (VICTORIA) or Warrnambool(VICTORIA)for 3 days.

We have 2 little kids as well (5 Years and 1 year).

Just want family time like sitting on beach/park/resort and playing with them.

I heard Warrnambool is like old town

But which place is more suitable for young family

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  • I vote Warrnambool but if it was me I would go to Port Fairy.

    • Port Fairy is not far from Warranambool.. can be 1 day trip from there… go in morning .. come back in eve.. right ?

  • +1

    Port Fairy is close to Warrnambool, Highly advise Warrnambool over Portland.

    • 3 days are enough or more than enough with small young family ?

  • Warrnambool has plenty to do for the family. Lake Pertobe (Adventure Playground) is a great spot for kids of all ages and it's free. Tower Hill reserve is set in an old volcano and is a short drive from Warrnambool. Or you can go the other way to the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge on the Shipwreck Coast. If you happen to get good weather there's always a day on the main beach which is across the road from Lake Pertobe. 3 Days will fly.

    • Thanks mate. Appreciate. Will look into this.

  • Now I was going to come in here and bag Portland out because I lived there for a long time. But since no one is going to vote for Portland, I'm going to give you the rundown on what you CAN do there.

    But first I will say that Warrnambool is much bigger than Portland and has a lot more restaurants (ie. fast food joints) then Portland. It also has a few more family oriented things that has been pointed out above.

    However Portland does have a foreshore area where kids can play, it is also probably more picturesque on a sunny day (which are hard to come by ever in either town). Portland is probably also a bit cheaper to stay in.

    Really either place is going to be fine with the kids if you are beach orientated people. But for adults, Portland has a rich historical bent to it given it is the first town ever settled in Victoria. I think they have that tourist tram thing going as well and the Port is a interesting place to poke around even if it takes only half a day. There is a maritime museum of sorts there which is worth a look. There are some beautiful surf spots (if you are into that) a very short drive from town which are imho some of the best kept secrets in Australia when the conditions are right. You can also drive to Bridgewater Bay which is about a 20-30 minute drive from town which has a lovely little beach, there is also the petrified forest out that way (million year old rock forest) and the "blow hole" which is also a good way to kill an afternoon with a family. There is also the lighthouse out that way.

    If you are an outdoors people I'd go with Portland and even consider camping somewhere if you are into that. There is something about the remoteness of the areas around there with the strong winds which makes you feel alive.

    Also I agree with the people above on Port Fairy. This place has become quite trendy over the last few years and I've heard it has some great food/coffee spots now. This place is even smaller than Portland but only a short drive from Warrnambool. If I ever go back in that direction (with my young family) for a holiday I will be going to Port Fairy!

    • Thanks for the detailed information mate.. Seems Warrnambool/Port Fairy is better choice as most of the guys are voting for it. I will see which one has cheaper and good accommodation available.

      is AirBnB good option for young family or should we book through google search for Motels/Holiday Parks ?

      • I would look at airbnb particularly knowing about Portland. There aren't a lot of nice cheap places for families, and on airbnb I reckon you could find a pretty nice place if there is availability. I've never checked how many people out that way do that though.
        I know with my research into south tassie for Christmas accommodation that people love to ramp up the prices for that period though!
        And yes, pack for wet, cold weather for the shipwreck coast, it is always freezing when the sun isn't out!

  • If you are looking for accommodation now you might find that Warrnambool and especially Port Fairy are booked up over Christmas and New Year. Not saying you won't find any accommodation at all, but you will be paying a premium for it.

    Warrnambool's weather (and probably that of both Port Fairy and Portland) is very unpredictable around Christmas time - they usually have their best beach weather in February. Whichever you choose, make sure that you are well prepared with warm clothing (coats, jumpers and long pants) and don't assume that you will be lazing in the sun for three days straight!

    • great tips mate..