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Get 3 Months Free Membership at Taronga Zoo when you Purchase Zoo Friends Annual Membership


Received this in one of the Yellow Letter offer books.
Family $270.00
Adult $115.00
Additional Adult $104.65
Child (4-15 inclusive) $57.50
Concession $82.80
Transferable Guest Pass $139.95
Joining Fee $20.00
Lost Card Replacement Fee ($10 charge per card to a maximum of $20).

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  • A good deal - if you actually went. Just remember to take the time, and the kids!

  • Whats a Menership?

  • 3 months is a long time to be at a zoo, free or not.

  • Anyone got a good deal for visiting Taronga Zoo just the once?

  • This is a targeted offer targeting wealthy family ONLY. Given the ridiculously high price of membership, poor family can never be friends of the Zoo.

    • thats why its in mosman :(

    • It costs $46 an adult ticket or $36 concesison

      3 visits to a year for unlimited entry plus entry to dubbo and other zoos like the 3 in Melbourne if you travel is extremely cheap

      Just buy a year subscription and make sure you are planning a trip to another zoo and its worth it

    • Only if you are ozbargainers and have time read this.
      Ssssh… To avoid tragedy of the commons. Zoo needs money to take care and feed the animals.
      I was once a zoo friend and had wonderful memory with family in Taroonga. We went for walks few times a week. Son used to sit in the train around the zoo for hours, Money well invested if you visit enough, live close by.

    • Personally, think there should be a tourist price and an Australian price.

  • +2 votes

    Just waiting for a BOGOF deal.

    Buy One Giraffe get One Free.

  • $115.00 a year WTF

  • Thanks for posting, I've found this to be excellent educational value for the kids and also much prefer spending time outdoors with them than some of the other paid activities for kids these days.

    For those saying it's expensive, most paid activities for kids are at least $15 per 1-2 hours of whatever it is, so over a year (or 15 months with this voucher) this represents great value.

    • Educational? Seeing animals out of their natural habitats, without their own communities, most often displaying signs of zoochosis?

      • This is a very valid question perhaps for the expert to answer. I read the view from animal Australia that zoo is for profit. I do want to view quality zoo is very educational for kids and our contributions help to understand animals and look after the welfare of once injuried/ captive bred animals which cannot survive if returned to their wildlife.

        • Thanks for engaging intelligently rather than the typical knee-jerk offense.

          More than anything, zoos perpetuate the idea that nonhumans are rightfully subject to human determination. It is an extreme superiority complex that makes one believe that they are entitled to see someone else at their whim by imprisoning them. Only a couple hundred years ago zoos imprisoned people too - most often people of colour or other oppressed "exotic" groups. From the start zoos were privileged people's ornamental collections and they have not changed much since.

          With regards to conservation: breeding animals in captivity is not an act of conservation, it is an act of genetic / species extension. Conservation requires a wholesale attempt at leaving these animals' habitats intact and letting them live their lives their own way; OTOH zoos provide a way for people to keep living and imprisoned mementos of their own destructive deeds while they yet continue in those same deeds.

  • Just dont get eaten by a tiger..

  • When does the code expire OP?