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300pk Finish Quantum Tablets $26.99 Delivered @ 1-Day


Finish Quantum Max Shine and Protect gives you the clean and shine you expect, plus added protection against glass corrosion. The unique glass protect formula can extend the life of your glasses by up to 100% so they keep their sparkling shine for longer - and are protected wash after wash.

With 12 x actions, including glass and silver protection and shine booster, you'll get an amazing clean and shine! The Powerball washes away residue for an amazing shine, even in the hardest water conditions, whilst the salt and rinse aid action rinses away residues and helps to eliminate spots and film, delivering a sparkling shine.

Finish Quantum Max is available in a re-sealable bag so there is no need to unwrap individual tablets.

Powerful cleaning. Pre-soaking action
Tea stain removal. Filter protection
Salt function. Rinse function
Machine lime scale and low-temperature action. Glass and silver protection
Grease cutting. Shine booster

Package Contents: 5 x Finish Quantum 60 – Regular (300 tablets in total)

Dimensions: Tablet size: Approx. 43mm x28mm x16mm
1kg per bag

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